‘God Created You for What You Do’: Officers Encouraged at Billy Graham Library

By Todd Sumlin   •   May 13, 2021

Local law enforcement officials gathered the morning of May 13 at the Billy Graham Library for the Law Enforcement Appreciation Breakfast. During the event, attendees enjoyed breakfast and fellowship before hearing an uplifting message of God’s love. Some stayed afterward to tour The Journey of Faith, an interactive museum experience that depicts Billy Graham’s life and ministry.
Kevin Williams, a chaplain manager with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, spoke during the appreciation event. A former New Jersey corrections officer, Williams understands firsthand the challenges that law enforcement experience.
God loves you, and we do, too,” Williams reminded the officers time and again during his message, which centered on Psalm 139.
Nationwide, agencies including the Seattle Police Department, have reported officers are leaving at an alarming rate and there simply aren’t enough newly minted officers to fill the vacancies. Events like Thursday’s breakfast aim to encourage officers to know the love of God and seek Him in every aspect of their calling.
When asked how the food was, one officer readily shared that while tasty, the food paled in comparison to the spiritual nourishment he received that morning.
It’s a trying time for law enforcement officials, many of whom simply want to protect and serve their communities. Officers were encouraged during Thursday’s message to stop by and visit the Billy Graham Library or the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association headquarters anytime during the week for lunch.
Proverbs 2:8 is a Bible verse the Rapid Response Team’s Law Enforcement Ministry holds dear. It declares, “He guards the paths of justice, and preserves the way of His saints.”
“He created you for what you do,” Williams told the officers, reminding them that serving in law enforcement isn’t simply a career choice. “He knows everything. He’s with you. Are you with Him?”
Line of duty deaths are up this year according to the Officer Down Memorial Page, which reports 125 deceased officers as of May 13. Sixty-four officers have died as a result of complications with COVID-19, and 23 were killed by gunfire. Typically, officers will place a black band around their badges to remember the fallen.
Crisis-trained chaplains with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team listened as officers shared their heavy load. Some requested prayer.
Each attendee received a gift bag that included a Bible. “Don’t take this bag and sit that Bible on the shelf and let it sit,” Williams encouraged. “Open it up. Why? Because when you open it up, the Word of God is alive. … You will be surprised of the wisdom you can gain from this.”
Officers said they felt renewed and refreshed as they left Thursday's breakfast. Would you please continue to pray for all law enforcement? Specifically pray for protection and that they would seek the Lord and lean on Him as they serve their communities.