Final Night of Tri-State Celebration: The Journey Begins for Huntington

By   •   November 9, 2015

Men smiling
There was an eager, enthusiastic group of volunteers at the Tri-State Celebration. These guys were very happy to serve the Lord and the Huntington area in this way.
Jason Lovins
Jason Lovins got the night started off with a few songs, including old familiar hymns such as "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" and "What a Day That Will Be." He also told the story of how God spared him when his mother, who became pregnant with him as a result of rape, chose life.
Will Graham with Bible
Will Graham preached from the Word of God, stressing the importance of decisions in our lives. The biggest decision anyone can make in their life is whether to follow Jesus. Will said, "You've heard the truth. Are you going to reject it again? I'm not asking you to join a religion tonight. I'm asking you to join Jesus."
Boy with hand raised
This boy had the best seat in the house as he worshiped to music from the Jason Lovins Band.
Bill Smith
Bill Smith is the superintendent of Cabell County Public Schools, the local Huntington district. He has been a tireless advocate for bringing the Gospel to his community. "God is doing something special in this place," he said.
Woman with hands lifted
There was a genuine spirit of worship in the Big Sandy Superstore Arena on Sunday night. There was great anticipation that God was going to do something big.
Man resting head on hands
There was a hush and an intense focus across the arena as Will Graham talked about eternal choices.
Mark Christian
Mark Christian, the emcee for the weekend and for many Celebrations, was happy to be back in his home state of West Virginia.
boy praying
Taking a moment to pray following the invitation to accept Christ.
Aaron Shust
Aaron Shust was part of the Celebration all weekend.
Woman singing
It was refreshing to see children, seniors and everyone in between worshiping together in unity Sunday night.
Man listening
Sunday night was the biggest crowd of the weekend. Will asked the crowd, "What will you do with Jesus?"
girl with counselor
KidzFest may have happened Saturday, but many children came forward to trust Christ on the final night of the Celebration.
Will Graham
Will Graham on his hopes for the Huntington area: "Praise God for what He's doing in this city and what He's going to continue to do. This may be the last night of the Celebration, but you're just getting started. The best is yet to come for Huntington."
Once the counseling began on the floor, there was an evident spirit of joy in the room.