Decision California Photos: Berkeley

By   •   June 2, 2018

Berkeley and San Francisco Bay
Franklin Graham's bus rolled to the eighth stop on the Decision America California Tour on Friday night in Berkeley, an area known for its hippie vibes and activism. Hoping to bridge a gap larger than the Golden Gate Bridge across the bay from Cesar Chavez Park, Franklin came to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Jumping in worship
Blankets, lawn chairs and bikes filled the area as people stood in worship of their Savior.
Hugging and tearful
Many came not knowing what to expect or how an area with such liberal views would react to the proclamation of the Gospel. Yet, numerous people stood to make a decision for Christ.
Crowd worship
As the sun dipped behind the mountains, the crowd sang out, eagerly anticipating all God will do in the state of California.
Woman praying
Listening intently as the truth rings out. "Your soul ... God values more than the entire world!" Franklin Graham said.
Firemen in crowd
In addition to leading the crowd in prayer for California's government leaders, Franklin lifted up those in law enforcement. In recent months, multiple police officers across the U.S. have been killed in the line of duty. The Rapid Response Team deployed to some of the communities affected, offering comfort and spiritual support to those facing loss.
3 women praising God on hillside
A beautiful sight as this group worshipped God from the hillside.
Franklin preaching at park in Berkeley
Although a lot of people told him not to come to Berkeley, Franklin said this did not deter him. "I want to go to Berkeley and tell them that God loves them," he told the crowd with the view of the University of California, Berkeley behind him.
Jeremy Camp and band
"We need to become Christlike because this world needs to see Jesus in us," music artist Jeremy Camp challenged the crowd.
Woman holding sign in support
Although a few protestors raised their voices before the event, nothing could drown out the strong love for Christ in the audience.
Prayer volunteer with couple who made decision for Christ
Each person who indicated a decision for Christ was given a red booklet by a prayer volunteer to help them in their walk with the Lord. "There are not many roads to Heaven ... there's only one road and that's through the cross!" Franklin told them.
Several children took full advantage of the park setting, joyfully blowing bubbles and dancing.
Franklin praying
Before praying with the crowd, Franklin reminded the city of Berkeley and all those with a political agenda: "God's laws never change."
Woman in crowd praying
"Jesus said, 'For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?'" —Mark 8:36
Several Asian women smile and clap hands
These ladies were all smiles sitting alongside the San Francisco Bay with temperatures in the 60s.
Silhouette on hillside
Explaining the value of a soul, Franklin reminded the crowd of about 2,100 that their bodies may turn to dust, but their souls are eternal. "It's either going to be in His presence in Heaven or separated from Him in hell."
Franklin preaching as sun sets
When Franklin was asked why the tour is called the "Decision America California Tour," he explained: "Because everyone has to make a decision in life—whether or not they are going to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ." As the tour crosses over a few more bridges to its last stops in Chico and Redding, please pray for all those who made decisions for Christ.