Decision America Tour: Photos from Washington

By Tommy Berry and Ron Nickel   •   June 29, 2016

Woman praying
An estimated 5,800 people came out to pray earnestly for their city, state and nation at the Olympia, Washington, Decision America rally with Franklin Graham on June 29.
Crowd at Capitol
The Decision America stop in Washington marked the 31st prayer rally Franklin Graham has held this year.
Franklin Graham greets two people who came to the rally to pray.
The crowd was eager to join with other Christians to pray for revival, confident God will hear their prayers and move in their nation.
volunteers in front of Capitol
Volunteers are a critical component at each Decision America Tour stop.
Holding hands to pray
The mission of the Decision America Tour isn't to endorse a particular candidate. "I am running a campaign," Franklin Graham said, "but it's a campaign to put God back in the political process."
Two boys embracing to pray
A family takes a moment to pray together at the rally.
Woman holding Bible
Some who join the Decision America Tour bring their Bibles along as they pray and worship.
woman wiping away tear
Moved to tears during heartfelt prayers for the nation.
Two women praying
An estimated 5,800 people joined Franklin Graham to pray for the state capital of Olympia, the state of Washington and the nation as a whole.
"I've had people tell me it's too late for America," Franklin Graham told the crowd. "Really? You think so? Let me tell you what God can do."
Mom looking at girl in stroller, holding flags
A patriotic duo.
Emotional man praying
So many lifted up impassioned prayers for America and for the presence of God in their own lives.
Women waving flags
During the Wednesday prayer rally, many took a stand by signing a pledge to God and country.
Holding hands in prayer
Franklin Graham shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those in attendance, stressing, "Before our nation can be healed, our individual hearts must be healed."
Bus in front of crowd
There are 19 stops remaining on the Decision America Tour. Find out how you can get involved
Family wearing hats, listening
Listening to Franklin Graham motivate the crowd to have a voice in the direction America is going.
Voting isn't just one of our civil liberties, Franklin Graham pointed out; it's a Christian's responsibility. Are you registered to vote?
Man with arms raised
Franklin Graham closed the Wednesday rally encouraging Washingtonians to "go back to your community; be an advocate for God's truth and righteousness."