Decision America Tour: Photos from South Dakota

By Tommy Berry and Ron Nickel   •   May 24, 2016

South Dakota marked Franklin Graham's 25th state, with 25 more to go on his nationwide Decision America Tour.
Franklin Graham took time to shake hands after the rally on May 24.
Woman under umbrella
Seeking shade under the South Dakota sun.
Nearly 120,000 people have gathered to pray for America since the Decision America Tour began in January. Franklin Graham will visit the second half of the nation through October.
man holding Jesus sign
At every tour stop, Franklin Graham tells the crowd about Jesus Christ, and how a relationship with Him can turn their lives around. Do you know Christ?
An estimated 2,400 people came out to participate.
Man listening
Hearing what he can do to pray for the nation and get involved in his community.
Group praying
Connected through prayer.
Girl on sidewalk
A pint-sized volunteer.
Franklin Graham
Waiting to speak and pray.
Tens of thousands of people have shown up at Decision America events, wanting to unite in prayer and purpose. Franklin Graham isn't just urging Christians to pray but to get involved in the political sphere—to pay attention to what's going on and consider running for office themselves.
It was a beautiful South Dakota day for Franklin Graham's 25th Decision America stop at the Capitol in Pierre.
man holding boy's hand in prayer
All ages covering America in prayer.
Praying family
A family that prays together.
A chaplain stands with one man to pray.
Mom and kids praying
As the Decision America Tour reaches its halfway mark, more and more Americans are burdened to pray for our nation. People of all ethnicities, backgrounds and ages are crying out to God to heal our land.
The May 24 event was held in Pierre, the capital of South Dakota.
Franklin Graham is passing through all 50 states this year, vigorously calling the nation to their knees.