Decision America Tour: Photos from Connecticut

By Tommy Berry and Ron Nickel   •   September 1, 2016

While seemingly small in number, an estimated 1,400 people who joined Franklin Graham for Connecticut's Decision America Tour prayer rally were a vocal bunch, cheering often and shouting "Amen" with gusto.
"The hope of the righteous brings joy," God's Word states in Proverbs 10:28.
Citing Nehemiah, Franklin Graham led the crowd through time of prayer. Specifically, the group repented before God of the nation's sins, their family sins and their personal iniquities.
Nobody is more pro-life than our heavenly Father.
"Let’s let this whole city hear the Christians standing here on these Capitol steps calling out on the name of God, confessing the sins of our nation," Franklin Graham encouraged the crowd, which was only too happy to direct their cries heavenward.
Dick Cullen and his wife Maria were the first to arrive at the Hartford, Connecticut, State Capitol and planted their seats right on the front row. "I think we need God back in our country," Dick said. "I don’t think this country will ever survive without God."
Colossians 1:17 declares, "And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together."
The impassioned contingent of Christians didn't hesitate to clap along in support of Franklin Graham.
Franklin Graham prayed with the crowd, "We confess as a people the sins of our nation. We’ve turned our back on You, God. Forgive us."
Capturing the moment.
During the prayer rally, Franklin Graham encourages those in attendance to take a stand for God and country by signing a pledge.
Praying to the one true God.
Taking a stand for God is a family affair.
Law enforcement officers and other government officials were the focus of another prayer. "We pray for the law enforcement across this state that God would protect these men and women as they protect us," Franklin Graham said.
"The Christian voice needs to be heard, and do not be afraid of having somebody say that you’re intolerant because you believe in the name of Jesus Christ and you mention His name," Franklin Graham said.
Praising Jesus.
Singing "God Bless America" to close out the prayer rally.
There are nine states left on the Decision America Tour, and next, Franklin Graham will be in Dover, Delaware, on Sept. 13.