As Texans Process Grief, Chaplains Offer Compassionate Presence

By Earl Davidson   •   May 27, 2022

When life is overwhelming and circumstances don't make sense, prayer is a powerful way to connect with God—to release burdens, seek His guidance and talk honestly with Him about what's happening. Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (BG-RRT) chaplains are in Uvalde, Texas, to pray for those deeply affected by the May 24 elementary school shooting that left 21 dead and lifelong scars for survivors.
family at memorial site
This shocking loss of life is hard for these young students to process—and hard for their parents to explain.
Crosses are set up in remembrance of 19 children and two teachers who tragically lost their lives right at the end of the school year. READ: Billy Graham Chaplains Serve the Heartbroken Community of Uvalde
Grief can be absolutely heartbreaking.
Two girls leave messages on one of the crosses for a life lost too soon.
Prayer can't change the past, but it can affect the future. As chaplains pray with those in Uvalde, they're asking for the love of God to overwhelm the city. READ: Uvalde Families Share Stories of Survival and Loss
Robb Elementary School sign
Another memorial is set up right outside Robb Elementary School, where the tragedy took place.
Sometimes it's not about what chaplains say, but simply the presence they offer.
Uvlade, Texas
The city of Uvalde is an hour and a half from San Antonio and 54 miles from Mexico.
two men praying
Bilingual chaplains can talk and pray in Spanish or English—whatever language is most natural to residents of the predominantly Hispanic city.
media tents
Millions around the world have mourned along with the Uvlade community. Franklin Graham, who was preaching in the United Kingdom at the time of the tragedy, said, “I have been to Uvalde and it is a wonderful community. … May God help, comfort, and sustain them as only He can.”
Chaplain Ken Dunlap talks with someone stopping by the town square where a makeshift memorial has been set up.
A food truck is parked right by the BG-RRT's Mobile Ministry Center to serve people in a very practical way during this difficult time.
chaplain kneeling down with woman
Sometimes grief is too much to bear on your own. Chaplains are available to make sure no one has to suffer alone.