The Mysteries of God

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If you try to rationalize God exhaustively, you will fail. There are mysteries about God that we will never understand in this life. How can the small and finite, limited to time and space, understand an infinite God! We should not think it strange that it is impossible to explain many mysteries in the realm of matter.

Who can explain why objects are always attracted to the center of the earth? Who can fathom the law of gravity? Newton discovered it, but he could not explain it. Who can explain the miracle of reproduction? . . . Thus many evidences and many arguments could be advanced to indicate there is a God.

Yet the plain truth is this: God cannot be proved by mere rationalization. He cannot be contained in a tiny man-made test tube or confined to an algebraic formula. If God can be fully proved by the human mind, then He is no greater than the mind that proves Him.

Even though we can’t comprehend God, we can understand His attributes. Learn more.

Prayer for the day

Lord God almighty, although my finite mind cannot comprehend the magnitude of Your greatness, I have felt Your presence in the quiet of my heart and I am gladdened.

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  1. G.S. Smiles says:

    Dr. Graham has always been a source of encouragement to emulate.

  2. Stephen Ridgway says:

    Billy Graham’s organization is awesome!

  3. Steve Karim Sr. says:

    Father God, You are awesome!

  4. michael says:

    We also think about Psalm 19.

  5. Joe says:

    Amen. Thank you for always being with us.