The Return of the Lord

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man and woman praying together

The Scriptures indicate that we are living in man’s day. But there is coming a day that will be called the Day of the Lord. In the midst of hopelessness, there is hope! And that hope is centered in the God-man, the Lord Jesus Christ. Now the will of man runs riot in the earth. Then the will of the Lord will alone be done. Until that time, we are under orders from the King of kings to proclaim His message. When we engage in evangelism, we are obeying His great command to “go and proclaim.” In doing so, we are hastening the day of His return.

Learn how to simply share your faith with others.

Prayer for the day

As I live in the hope of Your return, give me the wisdom and love to reach those around me.

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  1. Anand Shimphrui says:

    I am blessed to hear your teaching. Was so worried considering the present days full of disasters. It is really an inspiration.

  2. Chuimeiso shimphrui says:

    Lord help me to live a good life so that i cn b a example to those around me.

  3. Geraldine says:

    I love Billy Graham Ministries. I feel so blessed to hear, for he is a inspiration to others, and a true Man of God.

  4. Irene simmons says:

    Thank you, you were such an inspiration to my mom. She went home to be with our Lord.

  5. Mary Howard says:

    What a day that will be. When my Jesus I shall see. And I will look upon his face the one that saved me by his Amazing Grace.

    1. Jean says:

      Beautifully said….Amen

  6. Mike Scarborough says:

    You are definitely a man of God!
    Praise God for your message!!

  7. Rev Ebenezer Dadzie says:

    God bless u man of God, we will engage in evangelism and win the lost for Christ

    1. Jean says:

      Amen yes we will…plant a seed for the Lord and watch it grow 🌱I pray everyday for the lost that their eyes will be opened to see and their ears opened to hear God’s word and truth

  8. Jerry Dale says:

    The Lord is coming soon are you ready to stand before the living God?

  9. Nuwagaba Sam says:

    I love you, please consider coming to Uganda for a mission.

  10. Gerry says:

    What an incredible day that will be. Whenever our merciful God chooses, will be the perfect time, according to his perfect plan.