Poverty of Soul

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No man is more pathetic than he who is in great need and is not aware of it. Remember Samson? Standing there in the valley of Sorek, surrounded by the lords of the Philistines, ” . . . he wist not that the Lord was departed from him.” It has been truly said, “No man is so ignorant as he who knows nothing and knows not that he knows nothing. No man is so sick as he who has a fatal disease and is not aware of it. No man is so poor as he who is destitute, and yet thinks he is rich.” The pitiable thing about the Pharisees was not so much their hypocrisy as it was their utter lack of knowledge of how poor they actually were in the sight of God. There is always something pathetic about a man who thinks he is rich when he is actually poor, who thinks he is good when he is actually vile, who thinks he is educated when he is actually illiterate.

Prayer for the day

Might I always remember the poverty of my soul before Your love invaded my life, Lord Jesus, and I knew You as Savior.

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  1. elvis gahungu says:

    It is my pleasure to know that my soul is poor because I get rich in that case. Thanks BGEA.

  2. Marie Alexandre says:

    Lord please change me make the person YOU want me to be. Please give me a mind free of all sinfull thoughts and full of the Holy spirit for the rest my days. Amen

  3. shikali says:

    Renew my spirit Lord that I might be fit to work for you.

  4. Becky hacker says:

    Thank you for the message

  5. lilian francis says:

    Lord Jesus Christ help me to live each day knowing where you brought me out from, let me always remember its your love and grace that sought me out, redeemed and saved me.

  6. Joyce Hersey says:

    Is it essential to be Baptized in order to be saved?

  7. Carol Toulson Walden says:

    I love to hear Dr. Graham preach! He came to Columbia, SC once and my patents tried to get me too go but I was a dumb teenager at the time. That had always been my biggest regret in life! I watch him on TV every time they show him! I remember watching him one nite after my husband was mean to me and left for the bar. I was holding my 5 month old baby girl watching him and crying my eyes out and kneeling on the floor and accepting Jesus Christmas in to my life! I called and spoke to a counselor and i knew there was hope for for my daughter and me. I love Dr. Graham as if he is a family. Which in God’s eyes he is. I owe a lot to him and his ministry! God Bless each of you and Dr. Graham!