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It is an exhilarating experience to live the new life, with Christ inside me enabling me to live it. As a man was riding along in his Ford, suddenly something went wrong. He got out and looked at the engine, but he could find nothing wrong. As he stood there, another car came in sight, and he waved it down to ask for help. Out of a brand new Lincoln stepped a tall, friendly man who asked, “Well, what’s the trouble?” “I cannot get this Ford to move,” was the reply. The stranger made a few adjustments under the hood and then said, “Now start the car.” When the motor started, its grateful owner introduced himself and then asked, “What is your name, sir?” “My name,” answered the stranger, “is Henry Ford.”

The one who made the Ford knew how to make it run. God made you and me, and He alone knows how to run your life and mine. We could make a complete wreck of our lives without Christ. When He is at the controls, all goes well. Without Him, we can do nothing.

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Prayer for the day

Lord, so often I forget to give You complete control and I fail. Teach me to rely completely on You for my strength and needs.

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  1. Constance Petro says:

    Relying on our good God’s directions and guidance to come through our hearts and intellect. We are the children of God in every way. Who better to lovingly direct our lives? Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. May all of humanity always be open-minded, open-hearted & obedient to God’s Holy will, ways, direction & guidance. Amen.

  2. Mene Thomas says:

    Thank you reminding that God made me and I need him in my life

  3. Joan Sutherland says:

    I thank God for your entire family. Happy Birthday, Billy Graham!

  4. Victoria Capacete says:

    So quickly I forget to thank God for every moment He wakes me up.Please continue to remind me that I’m blessed

  5. sharon parks says:


  6. Max says:

    All of the Daily Devotions are very good to excellent and some are GREAT. Todays Devotion is in the great category and so true. Everything will be going along well with me until I decide to take the reins on some situation…No more peace and contentment.

  7. Gerry says:

    God encourages his children every single day. When difficult times are encountered there is a sense of calm and peace that is nearly impossible to adequately describe . I can’t imagine how I got along without him. It is an absolutely amazing journey. I look forward to the next step each day.

  8. PAUL Del Villar says:

    Thank you Billy Graham, and Happy Early Birthday November 7, 2016 BLESSINGS FOREVER…..BROTHER PAUL

  9. Natnat says:

    How quickly I forget!
    Dear Lord thank you for reminders that say to me “I got this!”