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My daughter gave birth to a child with Down's syndrome. My daughter has an amazing outlook, though the days are hard. Her attitude puts mine to shame because I tend to feel more like her husband, disappointed and despaired. We have sorrow about the life ahead, but my daughter has joy in taking care of this little one. Why does God permit this to happen?


From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Many years ago millions of people around the world were touched by the life of a little girl who lived two short years. Her name was Robin and she was born with borderline Down’s syndrome. She also had a heart condition that gave her a small chance of surviving for long.

Robin’s parents received a call from a minister they had never met. He challenged them to receive what the Lord wanted them to learn from their precious child. He told them that they would learn that such little ones are allowed to come into this world to bless lives, demonstrating that their presence teaches patience and understanding that makes those around them more Christlike.

After Robin’s death, her famous mother, Dale Evans Rogers, wrote the bestselling book, “Angel Unaware.” It was written as though Robin were speaking to her parents from Heaven. It drove her father, Roy Rogers, into God’s Word. From the life of this exceptional child, a new Roy Rogers was born. Dale said often that it was because the Lord sent Robin to them that she, herself, began to walk closer to God.

For many years after, whether at the rodeo grounds or appearing on television specials, they were able to sing, with great joy, the song “Peace in the Valley.” This is what God does in hearts that trust Him.

(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)

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