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Is it all right for a Christian to believe in astrology and discover God’s plan for his or her life through a horoscope?


The fascination with astrology and horoscopes undoubtedly reflects people’s desire for wisdom beyond their own and direction for the future.

Astrology is the ancient belief that a person’s destiny can be found in the pattern of the stars and planets at the time of one’s birth. The “horoscope” is the chart that attempts to describe that destiny. The Bible mentions the astrologers in the royal court at Babylon and their inability to tell or interpret royal dreams (Daniel 2:10-11 and 4:7).

Isaiah the prophet spoke of astrologers with derision: “Let your astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions month by month, let them save you from what is coming upon you” (Isaiah 47:13).

Astrology is offensive to God because it attributes to planets and stars the power that belongs to God alone and because it tries to find the will of God by other means than God has appointed. Throughout the Bible God tells us that He will guide us; read Psalm 23:1-2, 25:9, 12, 32:8; Luke 1:79; and John 7:17.

A Christian has no need of astrology with its futile hints because believers can turn instead to the guidance of God’s Word.

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  1. Michel Mudemfu says:

    Praise to the Risen King of my life for saving me from astrology. I fully agree that only God know my future because he is my Creator.

  2. Godwin says:

    This is so true. Astrology has led many astray. I am trying to do away with it so I can focus on God’s plan for me.

  3. Josphine Kamau says:

    I had signed in for astrology readings but have not taken a further step.

  4. Patiece says:

    May God forgive me for trying that. Only God knows the best for us in his own time. He will do everything beautiful.

  5. Meno Silva says:

    Amen. Nothing is greater than our Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. Goodluck Erere Collins says:

    This is so true.

  7. Eunice says:

    I want to know and understand more about God, so that I will not follow astrology.