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To me, the most important religious value is love and the chief task of organized religion should be to promote love. I think we need more love in the world, don't you?


Who could disagree with the idea that we need more love in the world? We live on a planet that is torn by anger, greed and prejudice, and this world would certainly be a better place if we learned to love and accept each other.

But why don’t we love others? Why are there so many wars going on in the world? Why can’t we even get along with those in our own neighborhoods or families? You see, it isn’t just a matter of telling people they ought to love others. If that were all it took, we would be at peace already, because almost every pop singer and movie star proclaims the value of love.

No, our problem is far deeper. Our problem is within ourselves–within our own hearts and minds. Jesus said, “For from within, out of men’s hearts, come evil thoughts” (Mark 7:21). That is why we don’t just need good advice. Instead, we need to be converted–to be changed on the inside. That is why we need God. Only He can take away our selfishness, pride and greed and replace them with His love and mercy.

And this can happen as we open our hearts and minds to Christ. God loves us, and He wants to transform us from within. And He will, as we turn from our sins and invite Christ to come into our lives. Don’t be content with anything less than Him.

Be part of the greatest love story ever told. Experience the love of Jesus today.