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I really want to believe in God and in Jesus, but I just can't conquer my doubts. Whenever I think I've put them behind me, then I start wondering if I'm just kidding myself and maybe God doesn't even exist. How can I get out of this rut? Or are some people just naturally doubters?


Yes, perhaps some people are more inclined to be doubters. After the resurrection, Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples, had the same facts the other disciples did, but unlike them he refused at first to believe. But when he saw Christ, his doubts vanished and he immediately exclaimed, “My Lord and my God!” (John 20:28).

Notice what changed Thomas: It wasn’t his feelings, but the fact that Christ was alive and cared about him. And the same can be true for you. You see, often our faith is based only on our emotions; sometimes we feel God is near us or we feel we believe in Christ—but other times we don’t feel that way. But feelings are not a reliable guide to the truth! Our feelings come and go—but the facts remain the same.

What am I saying? Simply this: Put your faith in Christ, and keep your focus on Him as He is revealed in the pages of the Bible. In other words, don’t trust your feelings, but trust the facts—the fact that Christ was God in human flesh; the fact that He died on the cross for you; the fact that He rose again; the fact that He promises to save all who turn in faith to Him.

Begin by asking Christ to come into your life—and He will. Then take time every day to pray, and to read His Word, the Bible. When you do, your faith will grow and your doubts will fade.

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  1. Alex says:

    I’m the kind of person you have to see it,to believe it.

  2. melisa edge says:

    Is God weeding me out, is mental illness all spiritual, ive even been told i would be healed? Maybe only in death? Fear os to be cast out by His petfect Love, why is there still fear, is it because Jesus is trying to open the wounds and scars in my heart so He can set me free from bondage i have also been having dreams used has to heavenly ones now they are bring up wounds and garbage from the past, thank for listening and bless you, melisa edge

    1. BGEA says:

      If you can, we’d love to have you visit this site, where someone will be available to chat with you:

  3. melisa edge says:

    I dont even know where to begin, i asked jesus into my heart as a child, but grew up as a youth still in sin and still believed Jesus was my Savior.after much rebellion early in my marriage my husband and I cried out to God for forgiveness, and the Lord took the desire away for drugs,alcohol and tobacco, and gave me a hunger for His word, we walked with the for years, but in many ways because of me got “Religious” after the birth of our sixth child I literally lost my mind and was diagnosed with post partum psychosis and Eas hospitalized, and began “hearing”things in my head like just cirse and die, and i could do was cry hope,hope,i need hope. Medication, would work a little and for awhile even had to have shock treatments

  4. Blake says:

    Completely agree with the original post. (Not trying to gloat) But I consider myself of one with a higher IQ and tend to question many things out of curiosity to grow intellectually just for self satisfaction. I was fortunate enough to attend Kanakuk summer camps as a child and often asked many of my questions not just in faith but about mankind. The response of the main counselor (a globally recognized Christian minister) was that to not ask as we are not to fully understand but rather have faith. To me this was a cop-out, I have never felt more babied nor led to be naive in my life. Since then I have always questioned my “faith” and have much doubt in God. I want to believe but yet have never found the full satisfaction.

    1. Yoeng says:

      I feel quite the same with you, Blake. I sincerely hope that God just granted me that faith. Sometimes I pray, GOD, please help this unbeliever, please help this atheist to have faith. Because I cannot make up one.

  5. shane says:

    My problem is the “facts.” Is the Bible fact? I could find 20 atheists who could give you some life shattering evidence that Christ isn’t God but then I could find another 20 apologists who could counter all of that evidence. I’ve heard philosopher/apologist Ravi Zacharias debate with other extremely deep thinking atheists and I can understand both sides. It TRULY comes down to ONLY this: Where did life come from? What happens when we die? There are SO many evidences of contradictions in the Bible and are easily swept off by apologists with some cop-out explanation it seems. I am a Christian but can’t get past this doubt. Many would say “well if you have these doubts chances are you weren’t saved to begin with.” THAT IS FALSE.

  6. Dana says:

    I didn’t ever believe I could be saved because of all the things I have done in my life. I grew up knowing God only to turn away from him for a good many years. I even didn’t believe the scriptures was of any help. But I have been able to walk with him once more after repentance and much study. And to be honest it wasn’t anything in the Bible that made me come back to knowing God, but by looking online for answers to my problems, watching prophecies of things to come, and by listening to messages from Jesus on YouTube.

  7. Curtis says:

    I was a believer for over fifteen years and fairly well indoctrinated in the scriptures under very good teaching. I just don’t believe anymore. Perhaps I’ve hardened my heart but, in the explanation above, I see no compelling answer. I read that as, ‘keep reading until you believe., then you’ll feel better.”

  8. Lacey Belanger says:

    This really helped a lot, I am a Christian and I’ve had a lot of trouble with trying to get over this whole doubt thing, it is really just like how you see in movies with a person with an angel and a demon on their shoulders, and I always want the angel but I feel like the demon pulls me away from where I want to be, I would stay awake at night wondering if it was only me who felt theses doubts but now I know it’s not, I have now told my self I am going to try my hardest to take every opportunity there is to be closer to Christ, I just try to have faith I can do that, hopefully I will be able to go further into my Christianity more than just knowing about The Lord and his son, Thank you!

  9. Jeremy says:

    Thanks. I have felt the same way after leaving my faith and coming back. I will try praying, and reading the Word also. Maybe that’s what I was missing.

  10. al romano says:

    faith is lukewarm, at best. How can we know for sure?