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bright light

The blind man, Bartimaeus, threw off his cloak and ran trembling to Jesus. And Jesus said, “What do you want me to do for you?” He said, “Lord, that I may receive my sight.” In that moment as he said, “Lord,” his spiritual eyes were opened. And Jesus said, “Your faith has made you whole.” Notice-not your intellectual understanding, not your money, not your works-but your faith. Faith! That’s all it takes! Immediately Bartimaeus, who had been blind all of his life, began to open his eyes, and the first thing he saw was the face of Jesus. What an experience-to open one’s eyes and look straight into the strong, tender face of Jesus! Bartimaeus met Jesus and the record says he “followed Jesus in the way.” When you go back to your business, or your home, or your neighborhood, or your friends, or your school, you don’t go alone. Christ goes with you.

Prayer for the day

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for healing me from my spiritual blindness!

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  1. Adepeju Robert James says:

    Thank you for open my spiritual blindness and for your present that is following me.

  2. Margareta Cronholm says:

    Thank you Mr. Billy Graham. Yes we can see. Halleluja. And we are not alone.

  3. Edward says:

    when our faith fails we fail. It is a wonderful feeling to always have Jesus through the Holy Spirit with us to lean on when our faith grows weak. Thank you God for your constant companionship.

  4. Edward says:

    Well said Nancy McMullen, Joyce Paul and Gerry. God bless you.

  5. Gerry says:

    Jesus is the only cure for spiritual blindness.