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I heard the other day that you were planning to preach one more time before God takes you to heaven. Is that true?


Yes, it is true — and I'm grateful to God for opening up a unique opportunity for me to do this. I've been told it may be the biggest crusade we've ever held — although it won't be in a stadium, but in homes across North America.

This fall (actually in November, around my 95th birthday), we'll be sponsoring a special outreach across the United States and Canada called “My Hope.” It will include segments from messages I've preached over the years, but also a special Gospel message I'm currently taping. It will be similar to outreaches we've presented in almost 60 countries over the last few years, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in both word and music, through personal relationships.

What's unique about this is that we're encouraging people to have their neighbors into their homes for dinner or dessert, and then invite them to watch a program and hear the Gospel. Thousands of churches are already involved, urging their members to participate and helping train them to lead others to Christ.

Although it's still several months away, I hope you'll be praying for us as we continue planning for this massive effort. Most of all, pray for your neighbors and friends who don't know Christ, that they'll be open to your invitation to watch the program with you. More than ever, our nation needs to hear the Good News of Christ's love and transforming power. May you, and thousands like you across our nation, become like Matthew, who gave his life to Christ — and then invited his friends to come for dinner so they could meet Jesus (see Matthew 9:9-13).

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  1. Danny says:

    What day is it?

  2. Denver, says:

    The first time that I hered Billey Grahm was when I was in Korea, In the 50ths.I was a young soldier and a christian , So excited to here and see hem , I am an old man now , But still would love to shake his hand and tell hem, what he has ment to me

  3. catherine passalacqua says:

    i have watched you many times and you are truly a servant for the LORD . When my mom became ill we watched you constantly on tv all your old sermons at the arena my mom got saved because of your show on tv.. thank you LORD and thank you Billy Graham

  4. Eriya says:

    From Uganda, my prayers are with you Dr Graham. Such committment to the gospel ! May God use that special outreach programme to draw many to Christ. I hope this will be telecast beyond North America so that many others like myself are a part of it.

  5. Darcy says:

    Praying for the tv ministry. What a wonder Godly man. Been listening to you Mr Graham since I was a child. Left a wonder message of Christ in my heart. The only true one(I felt) at the time that made since. Praying for you and your cast . God bless.

  6. Don says:

    In 1984 I attended Ashton Gate Football Stadium in Bristol, I was a brand new Christian and was so full of JOY that I ran forward to show how much I loved Jesus. Since that day, I felt the Lord call me to serve Him with my life as an Evangelist.