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I heard the other day that you were planning to preach one more time before God takes you to heaven. Is that true?


Yes, it is true — and I'm grateful to God for opening up a unique opportunity for me to do this. I've been told it may be the biggest crusade we've ever held — although it won't be in a stadium, but in homes across North America.

This fall (actually in November, around my 95th birthday), we'll be sponsoring a special outreach across the United States and Canada called “My Hope.” It will include segments from messages I've preached over the years, but also a special Gospel message I'm currently taping. It will be similar to outreaches we've presented in almost 60 countries over the last few years, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in both word and music, through personal relationships.

What's unique about this is that we're encouraging people to have their neighbors into their homes for dinner or dessert, and then invite them to watch a program and hear the Gospel. Thousands of churches are already involved, urging their members to participate and helping train them to lead others to Christ.

Although it's still several months away, I hope you'll be praying for us as we continue planning for this massive effort. Most of all, pray for your neighbors and friends who don't know Christ, that they'll be open to your invitation to watch the program with you. More than ever, our nation needs to hear the Good News of Christ's love and transforming power. May you, and thousands like you across our nation, become like Matthew, who gave his life to Christ — and then invited his friends to come for dinner so they could meet Jesus (see Matthew 9:9-13).

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  1. Nell says:

    I hope if you preach another serman I get to hear it , you have always touched my heart with your sermans and I am wishing to hear more. Thank you for what you have done to save lost souls . of course thare is Franklin whom I love and admire also .

  2. David ROSE says:

    Years ago when I was 16 I heard Billy Graham for the first time, my family was nor religious, it was at a friends house. I heard from Billy you had to get saved, and except Christ, now 44 years later still serving the Lord, thanks for the message.

  3. Patricia says:

    During Harringay Crusade, invited to watch you on neighbour's new TV. Don't remember what you said, but I began to weep, couldn't stop, neighbours were embarrassed. Had they been Christian's would've been saved that night. But God didn't let me go!

  4. Ejikeme says:

    I desire ur kind of blessin (anointin) plus long life pray 4 me, i want to lead people to Christ Sir tanx.

  5. Emmanuel says:

    WOW! This will really be A Holy Ghost Crusade! I pray the Holy Spirit fill you more than a young person like Paul And David and He will use you mightily and powerfully!

  6. Angela says:

    Thank you God for one more sermon from your servant.

  7. Chris says:

    Would be wonderful for this to be on air in Australia on free-to-air television please.Thank you

  8. Jamie says:

    Good Billy! Fight til the end!!! Do whatever it takes to get that Gospel message out there one more time. Use whatever you got…put that armor to work and fight the good fight. Shout the good news of the Gospel from the housetops for all to hear!!!!

  9. Beverly says:

    This is so exciting, I pray that I will be able to get people that need to here your message sitting in front of the tv with ears and hearts open to what God wants us to do. I will be praying for this event.

  10. George says:

    I appreciate all those crusades and books. They are awe inspiring. They have helped me to be a stronger Christian. Thank you for your words and inspiration.