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How do you get rid of thoughts that you know aren't pleasing to God? I don't want to go into detail, but I really have a problem with letting my mind wander into things that I know are wrong. I've prayed about this, but God still doesn't take them away. Does He care about our thoughts?


Yes, God certainly cares about what we think, just as He cares about what we do — if not more so. In fact, some of Jesus’ strongest words were directed at people who were outwardly righteous but corrupt in their thoughts. He called them “whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean” (Matthew 23:27).

Why is God concerned about our thoughts? One reason is because behind everything we do is a thought — for good or for evil. Even if we aren’t aware of it at the time, we never act unless we’ve first thought about it. For example, if our thoughts are always selfish, our deeds will be selfish also. Jesus warned, “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander” (Matthew 15:19).

God wants our thoughts to be pure — but how is that possible? One way to safeguard our minds is to avoid anything that fills our minds with corrupt or evil thoughts. In addition, we need to fill our minds with that which is good, through prayer and the study of God’s Word, the Bible.

Begin by committing your whole life — including your mind — to Jesus Christ. Then ask Him to teach you more and more about His love, so that Christ becomes the focus of your mind and heart every day.

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  1. Milagre Zavala says:

    I am ruined by blasphemous thoughts and I fail to avoid or get rid of them. I pray and ‘get tired’ there no response.

    1. Jerry Chavis says:

      How often do you read the bible? “Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good”. Overcome evil by reading the bible daily. Jesus said that praying and fasting can give you mountain moving faith. Maybe try doing those things and use your faith to move the mountain. You can move big things out of your life with prayer and fasting

  2. Eugene says:

    I think I’m being attacked by “demons”.

  3. Alice E Thompson says:

    Need healing

  4. Bothwell says:

    How forceful are the right words like being shown above a story from Billy Graham. A godly man

  5. Kimberly smith says:

    This is so interesting I’ll try it!! I just prayed after reading this, then I asked God to forgive me! And YESS he did!!! I will read the bible more often! PRAISE THE LORD!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Caleb McKoy says:

    This helped me so much. God is amazing; thank you so much 💞

  7. Hannah says:

    Before long I realized they were OCD and that they were not my thoughts. I asked God to forgive me and he said that he forgave me and that He knew all along it was OCD. When they try to come back I cast it out with a fiery sword.

    1. Garrett says:

      Hannah I would appreciate greatly if you would tell me about what happened as I’m beginning to think these thoughts are OCD. It’s horrible and and stops enjoyable moments with the Lord and others dead in it’s tracks. Constant immoral thoughts, blasphemous thoughts, and it has only gotten worse. I would love to know about How God spoke to you! Even as I write this my mind hurts me and my only relief is in his word or moments of focus! I hope you get this Hannah and you brief story gave me hope, thank you

  8. Hannah says:

    This is interesting! I was recently diagnosed with a disorder called OCD where I had troublesome reoccurring thoughts that bothered me for years. Through counseling, medicine, and Christian influences they went away. You may have OCD! Get tested.

  9. Ellen says:

    If you are seeking a closer relationship with God and the Savior, Jesus Christ, pick up a copy of Adrian Rogers' book, What Every Christian Ought to Know. I bought it at the Christian bookstore and it will truly help you in the day to day struggle. I just bought it and read 100 pages immediately. It is flowing with the Spirit and you will feel so loved and so thankful to the Lord in His Mercy and Grace for us.