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Does God forgive the sins we will commit in the future, or just those from our past? I became a Christian two years ago, and I worry about this.


One of the Bible’s greatest truths is that Christ died to take away all our sins–not just part of them, but all of them: past, present, and future.

This is why you shouldn’t fear that you will lose your salvation every time you commit a sin. If that were the case, you and I would lose our salvation every day–because we sin every day. Even if our actions are pure, our thoughts often are not. And even if our actions and thoughts are pure, we still sin because of the good things we should be doing but fail to do.

Never forget: Your salvation does not depend on you and how good you are.

It depends solely on Christ and what He has already done for you through His death on the cross. The Bible says that Christ “appeared once for all at the end of the ages to do away with sin by the sacrifice of himself” (Hebrews 9:26).

Does that mean it doesn’t matter whether or not you sin? No, of course not. Sin is serious; it is an offense to God, and it breaks our fellowship with Him. Sin also compromises our witness for Christ. The Bible is clear: “Be holy, because I am holy” (1 Peter 1:16).

But you cannot live the Christian life in your own strength. You need God’s help–which is why He has given His Holy Spirit to you. When you sin, confess it immediately, and then seek the Holy Spirit’s help each day to live as you should.

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  1. Shannon says:

    This comment and answer was very helpful to me. Thank you

    1. Candy Jo says:

      This helped me so much, I thought I was being lead wrong and I was afraid..

  2. Nick Blair says:

    I truly am blessed by Billy Graham and the BGEA. Thank you.

  3. Linda Zirkle says:

    my brother wants to know if our sins have been forgiven past present and future why do we need to ask forgiveness in the future or present it sounds like we do not believe that we were really forgivenwhat should I tell him

  4. Edward Villegas says:

    I trust and believe in God Bible says forgiven and cats and see if no remember as far away is the width of the East never to be brought up again and I bleed so then why does that give men the power to use my past against me hold me to my past when God is greater than man

    1. Edward Villegas says:

      I truly believe in the Word of God the Bible says ask and it shall be given repent we shall be forgiven and our sIns shall be remembered no more cast into the sea if no remembrance as far away as the west mets the east.the Bible says greater is He is God that is in me than he that is in this world man..when I ask God to forgive me of all my sins nameing then. I believe my sins were forgiving. But man has held my past sins against me.and i m still being punished, so are my childten since I cant provide for them because of my past sins

  5. Charles Darwin says:

    If Jesus died to have all of humanity, past, present, and future, forgiven of their sin, then why do so many Christians care about gay marriage and such? It makes no sense.

  6. katoho a yeptho says:

    Hebrew 10:10 is very clearly stated that “by the which we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all” (kjv). here it is very clear to say that we are made holy by one time finished sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, yet sin will still continue in believers life because we still have sin nature, but it does not meant we will loose our salvation, we are sealed by the Holy Spirit forever no one can snatched away from God hand (John. 10: 27,28). but if a believer continues to sin he/she will lost reward?

  7. John says:

    In effect, it would even be a sin to worry about this. Surely God’s mercy endures. Paul said he was “persuaded” that God was able to keep that which he (Paul) had committed to Him.

    If you have committed your life to Him, surely He is able to keep you, and also “deliver you from every evil work…”

    Continue to trust in the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ and in His steadfast love toward you, truly this love removes our fear of His judgement on us, for it is then that we have known with such great love that He has loved us…

  8. Rob says:

    I’ve been a christian awhile. And what causes me to sin is frustration or discouragement. Sometimes sin makes me forget the battle I have as a christian. I know all the scriptures and have watched hours and hours of christian programs. It’s tough for me but I thank god for his word it does help. Some christians do better then others. Some are more devoted just like anything else.

  9. Carol says:

    I too wonder exactly how it all works Joshua. That’s why I googled and posed the same question. Pastor Graham’s answer and the comments helped a great deal. As I ponder all of this, I know that our Lord taught this prayer to His disciples prior to His death and resurrection. So in actuality, the complete forgiveness issue was resolved at the cross for us. God knew our sins (including the ones we are committing on a daily basis) and offered the gift of forgiveness for past, present, and future sins. Christ willingly paid the just penalty at the cross for ALL of our sins. So, on the one hand we are not required to keep asking Christ to die again (on a daily basis) on the cross because of our newly committed sins. He did it for you once and it’s finished. However, we still want to maintain a level of intimacy with our Father in Heaven so if we know we have committed a (new) sin – which we do pretty much every day in thought or deed – would it not be loving to acknowledge or confess that new sin to God (not that He doesn’t know about it already)? It allows for a daily cleansing of your heart and improved fellowship with your Father. How can we in good conscience ask our Father for a blessing of some kind when we are still trying to “hide” a newly committed sin from Him? Your moral compass and the Holy Spirit are gonna be giving you a reminder to return to the foot of the cross and repent (turn away from) your sin anyway. The reason you feel remorse in the first place is because God has quickened your Spirit and you intuitively know you’ve broken His Law(s). Remember, we are adopted sons and daughters so He isn’t about to forsake us! But God is Holy and He wants us to strive for being Holy as well. Would it not please Him when you go to Him daily and acknowledge once again that you failed at “getting there” — but give Him thanks for sending His Son to pay the penalty for that sin you just committed today? As long as we are in these fleshly bodies and we have an adversary in this world ready at the door to tempt us with something – we are gonna have daily sins. Thank God we have an advocate and a mediator (our own personal defense attorney – Jesus Christ) in Heaven who lived in a flesh body and knows what we go through every day. You’re free to live in abundance now and bask in the thought of eternal life with our Father in Heaven! Now, go and do what our Lord asks and tell others about this marvelous gift!!! See you in the Kingdom come Joshua!

  10. Chris Stone says:

    Question: if all of our sins are forgiven, why does Jesus say in the Lord’s Prayer “Forgive us our trespasses”? I believe that he died for all our sins (past, present and future). It has been my contention that to ask for forgiveness after salvation is like saying to God “You didn’t do a good enough job then, so please forgive me for this one too”.

    1. Noel Steiner says:

      How it has been explained to me is that asking for forgiveness for our sins is not for God’s benefit but our own. If you think about it it seems silly to ask God for forgiveness with your thought that He didn’t do a good enough job, because He already knew about your sin when He died for you. He knew every single sin you would commit beforehand so it seems silly to ask for His forgiveness with the thought that He didn’t do it the first time because He already knew about it at the time of His sacrifice.

      I also believe that the Lord’s prayer is not an exact replica of the prayer we need to pray on a daily basis (though this point doesn’t fully matter with this explanation). It is more of a guideline on how to pray. So in theory you should not just be blanketing God’s forgiveness in a “forgive me my trespasses” but it should be more specific “forgive me when I judge Sally Sue” or “Forgive me for not following your will when it came to my job” etc. Therefore, your prayer for forgiveness becomes a time where you can lay your sins in front of God and then walk away from them. You don’t feel guilt, or pressure or sadness over those sins. You give them to Him and forget them. This also shows God that you are aware of your wrong doing and will try not to do it again (although we usually do).

      This is similar to forgiveness to anyone else in your life. You ask for forgiveness from someone you wronged knowing that they may not forgive you – that is their choice. (Thankfully you don’t have to wonder about whether or not God will forgive you because He already has) But you ask someone their forgiveness to show them you recognize you wronged them and that you are sorry for doing so and hope to not do it in the future…..

      Hope that helps and makes some sense!

    2. Joshua says:

      I wonder the same thing

    3. Eric says:


      Keep in mind that the Lord’s Prayer was given before the sacrifice on the cross, and therefore, before the new covenant where all sins were paid for.