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Does each person have a guardian angel that watches over them? I'd like to think so, but if we do have a special angel protecting us, then why do we still have accidents and things like that?


Whenever I’m asked why bad things happen to us, I have to admit that I don’t have a full answer to that question. Evil is real, and none of us are free from its devastation.

But the Bible does tell us that for the believer nothing happens outside God’s control–and yes, if we know Christ, His angels continually watch over us. The Bible says that God “will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways” (Psalm 91:11). It also teaches that the angels–although they are largely unseen–watch over us and work for our good. The Bible says, “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” (Hebrews 1:14).

Rather than only one angel, therefore, God surrounds us with a host of angels to protect us and go before us. Even when hard times come, Satan can never snatch us away from their protection–and some day they will escort us safely to heaven. The reality of God’s angels should give us great confidence in the Bible’s promises.

While the angels are real, we are not to become preoccupied with them or to worship them. Only God is worthy of our worship, and only Christ saves us. Trust Him alone as your Savior, for “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).

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  1. Linda Bowker says:

    I have many questions and wonders,,,,I need prayer,,,I believe in God and Jesus but always seem to doubt that he has forgiven me of my sins,,,,,,

  2. Lela says:

    I’m very excited to share that I’m SAVED!! My saved day is July 22 2014
    Thank You Jesus!

  3. Young says:

    Dear Pastor
    I’m a 45 married man having been out of employment for 4 months. I am feeling like nowhere to go. Would ypu please prayerfor me?

    1. Marya says:

      Believe that the sustainer of HEAVEN N EARTH is WITH YOU. He will never leave you. He alone is your provider. His seed will never beg for bread. God IS on your side. Believe Him NOW for your job. It is His will that you be able to provide for your family. It is His will that you would trust Him to make a way for you. Believe it. it is done… now rest in it and wait on the Lord…. wait and see the salvation of a faithful ON TIME GOD.

  4. Robert says:

    I am not certain that we each have a guardian angel, maybe we do, but why? In Romans, Chapter 8, we are told that as believers we are indwellt by the Holy Spirit Himself. If Almighty God Himself indwells us, why would we need an angel? If we walk in the Spirit as we are told to do, will he not lead us into all truth? Will He not make intercessions with groaning that cannot be uttered? I do not wish to be dogmatic one way or the other, but I will bring it before in prayer and leave it there.

    1. D says:

      Yes, believers are indwelt by the Holy Spirit; however, scripture says that we must be filled* with the Spirit by following the ways of Jesus. Consider the cup of water analogy – What if we are not very much filled with the Spirit? If we are not filled with the Spirit, then our* spirit is generally weak and, thus, it cannot dwell harmoniously with the Holy Spirit of God. When we are filled with the Spirit, we may be of optimal service to others as the Lord would like us to be. But if we are not filled with the Spirit, and we are all alone and in need of protection, then we may need angelic hosts of Christ to be of service to us in a way that individuals filled with the Spirit cannot be of service to us -e.g. supernatural intervention needed

  5. kristiana jones says:

    When god sends his angels to protect us its always for a reason.he sends help when you need it the most.

  6. zach says:

    great answer

  7. Rebecka says:

    Thank you for the insight on Gods angels, I too always thought that each one of us had our own personal guardian angel, I think I am more comforted knowing God surrounds us all with a host of angels to watch over us.

  8. Gordon Wayne Watts says:

    Caroleflower: You are *assuming* that ‘bad’ things are eternal in the lives of children, and this (false) blame of God is implicit in your question. Your accusation against God is false, and therefore, your question is based on a false premise.

    Implicit also in your question is the implication that babies who die do not go to heaven; they do go to heaven for the time being, but their ‘eternal’ fate can not be determined as they had not exercised faith, yet God will NOT ‘cheat’ them of this, as he WILL probably send them into the Millennium to have a free will choice there:

    In short, the Millennium features children (ISAIAH 11:6b,8), people who live in mortal bodies and die (ISAIAH 65:20b) and Free Will (as proven by the rebellion at the end of the millennium in Revelation 20:9), so the Bible does NOT prohibit nor preclude the Millennium from offering these children such Free Will choice:

    Children WILL be in the millennium; where do you think they’ll come from…? “Things that make you go ‘hmm…’.”

    — if God offered angels Free Will (proven by one-third having fallen) and humans free will, why would it be contrary to his character to offer babies free will?” (KINDLE) (Black & White) (Colour; expensive!) (FREE!) (FREE!)

    I’m not trying to get anyone to buy my book (you can see the ‘free’ version -well, most of it -at the 4 links above)

    So, even though children do experience pain, God WILL ‘make right’ these things -and if you sell God short, this is offensive to God: He is offended since HE KNOWS that he plans good for them, but for now, injustices must continue: If God “stepped in” EVERY time we did wrong, we’d never learn our lesson: We MUSt burn our hands on a hot stove a few times, lest we -as a human race -don’t learn our lesson.

    Be blessed in Jesus, our Saviour (John 3:16) and ONLY perfect role model/ example (John 13:15; I Peter 2:21).


    Gordon Wayne Watts
    Lakeland (between Tampa & Orlando), Fla., U.S.A.

    I response to:

    Caroleflower says:
    November 22, 2013 at 2:33 am

    If angels are watching over us, why do horrible things happen to children

  9. Caroleflower says:

    If angels are watching over us, why do horrible things happen to children