New Sound, Timeless Message

By Interview by Joy Allmond   •   June 10, 2009   •   Topics: ,

BGEA: What have you three been up to lately?

Shelley: We are working on a project that is planned for release late this fall. We’ve recorded three songs so far, and we’ve got more waiting to be recorded. Right now, we’re waiting to get with our producer, Nathan Chapman, and record some more. It’s been really fun working with a brand new producer. He’s from the country music industry and he’s a Christian. He’s got a different perspective in music. He knows where we’re coming from, who our audience is. He got us to try different things and try things on a new level.

BGEA: Will the audience at The Cove hear some of these new songs?

Shelley: Yes! We’re thinking the audience at the Cove will be a great one to try our new stuff out on.

Leigh: They’ll hear the first three recorded songs for sure. They’ll be among the first to hear them. I’m also happy to visit hometown people. I am from Belton, South Carolina, which is not that far from Asheville.

BGEA: What else can they expect from that night?

Denise: We’re traveling with different players than we’re used to. It will be more organic, instrument-wise, definitely more laid back, and more intimate. Where we are personally has a lot to do with family. I think it is a wonderful evening for families to come together. We have this new song called “King of the World,” about a daughter/father relationship. With this concert being so close to Father’s Day, it would be a great opportunity for a special father/daughter date night!

Anyway, it will be a really wonderful evening of music – old favorites and new songs.

BGEA: How have your family experiences impacted your ministry and message of your music?

Leigh: Summer is that time when we take a small breather to really just spend quality time with our families. Denise has boys, and they are heavily involved sports. Shelley and I have girls, who want to be doing something all the time.

Being a mom has been one of the biggest joys in our lives. These experiences allow us to speak vulnerably to our audience and share these experiences. I, particularly, will share an experience about being a teenager and not making wise choices. This will be an evening where they will hear more of our hearts, and an evening where they are reminded of God’s redemption. This will reflect more on why a previous record, “How You Live,” is important to us. We want to send a message to our audience that encourages them to not take each day for granted, and see it as a gift.

BGEA: What do you want the audience to take with them when they leave the concert?

Leigh: I want them to be glad they came and walk away from a night when they were blessed more then they expected. It seems that our audience is more of a mature audience who tells us they were encouraged. To know you are encouraging people who are mentors in your life is a big deal to me.

Shelley: We had a major change in the group over a year ago when Heather (the previous fourth member) came off the road to be a full-time mom. We have really been working hard to revamp our show. To be honest, we have a completely different sound now, because of this change. At first it was scary, and we wondered whether people would like it.

It’s been great to leave a concert and feel validated by our audience. The audience loves the new sound. I say that, because I think people do walk away with a renewed appreciation of the kind of music. People are pleasantly surprised.

Denise: Our prayer is that people can ask friends to come along who don’t know the Lord. I don’t want them to merely get entertained, but to recognize God as one who cares deeply for them. Our hearts’ desire is for people to know the Lord. Maybe someone will show up who knows the Lord already, but needs reminding of the sweetness. Maybe it is someone who isn’t sure what they think about God.

BGEA: What impact has Billy Graham had on your life/ministry?

Shelley: If there is one ministry that is above reproach that people should want to model themselves after, it is Billy Graham’s ministry. To be that faithful and loyal for that many years is saying a lot. Billy Graham has remained a humble servant.

Denise: I saw him as a young child and had the opportunity to sing in the choir. I love this ministry because they have remained faithful to the call God placed on his life. He has continued to share the simple gospel message.

Leigh: Simple is so often best. Billy Graham has been a beautiful example of what God can do with a little.

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