Stillness: A Video Poem from Ruth Bell Graham

01:13   •   June 4, 2015

Poem by Ruth Bell Graham


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  1. David Woolfrey says:

    One God, How great thou art. Sacrifices his own son to set free and save billions of people or just one, me/you/all, Thank you oh God.

  2. emily says:

    thank you for sharing jesus

  3. emily says:

    yall are soooo encourging

  4. Scarlett Barker says:

    This was uplifting for me thank you and God bless you

  5. Chuck Riley says:

    Thank you for sharing the gospel. We need JESUS more than we ever needed HIM!

  6. Constance McGlasker says:

    I am awestrucked by the ministries of the Graham family!!! What a tremendous blessing the Graham family is to the Body of Christ and the world! I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Graham family! What a great legacy the Graham family is leaving for generations before, generations today, and generations yet to be created!!!! May God reward and bless the fruit of the Graham family’s labor!!!

  7. Jan Turner says:

    I wish I could READ the words! My hearing is no longer good and it is really hard to understand the SPOKEN words. (Both the poem and the sermons!) Most videos now have an automatic transcript when you click the “X”. This page does not. Have not tried the sermons.

  8. Teri Banks says:

    Soothing words for my weary soul

  9. Marianne Stoffel says:

    Awesome we Praise Him and give Jesus all the Glory at the Praise Center Tucson Az

  10. Kathryn warren says:

    Love these poems by Ruth

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