Power of the Gospel

02:55   •   March 7, 2012

Watch stories from around the world of lives being changed by the Gospel.


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  1. Trudy SImmons says:

    Thank you for sharing these. We are not to keep His treasure within but to let His light shine in the world. Thank you Jesus for using us.

  2. Bonnie J. Forrester says:

    It will be interesting to see what you are doing across the world. The world is in a mess.

  3. Donna McCord says:

    Praise GOD

  4. michele miller says:

    watching these videos just makes my HEART SING and I thank JESUS FOR ALL GODS PEOPLE AMEN

  5. R K Roe says:

    You always do such wonmderful things

  6. athenia mandlak says:

    I have listened to Billy Graham for over 50 years. he has inspired me to seek and commit to the teachings of Jesus Christ . I pray he can continue to influence our world at this time of such need,

    1. Jack Volz says:

      Great videos.

  7. William (Bill) Brooks says:

    Seventy Three years of age and the many times, and ways that I have heard the presentation of the Gospel, this is the most meaningful that I have ever heard. Like the song says it has flooded my soul and burst into a light that has opened all of the darkness of my life. God it is my prayer that all of those that I pass this message along too from Brother Billy Graham will have their eyes opened that they also may see more clearly and accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

  8. Paula Dupree says:

    I’ve known Jesus was real ever since he came upon me at the age of 4. But never read my Bible until I was 26. That was when I received him as my savior and was Baptized in water and also in the Holy Spirit. I lead and up and down life until now, where I do not want to ever be without Jesus, He who will never leave more or forsake me and is always there for me.
    I loved this whole thing. All of the clips that are here. I usually cry when I feel the Holy Spirit and so I did cry watching and listening to all of this.
    I pray for Billy’s healthy and have been now for quite awhile. We need him to point the way. Thank you so much for sending this to me.

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