Franklin Graham: We Must Do Our Part to Defend Persecuted Christians

01:06   •   May 11, 2017

Speaking at the World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians on Thursday, Franklin Graham pointed to Christ while explaining the importance of defending persecuted Christians and exemplifying strength and courage in the faith.

>> Take a stand for the persecuted church.

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  1. Kevin Melfi says:

    Praise the Lord GOD for any/all his grace & blessings!

  2. Patrick LaVecchia says:

    Pray for the Chaldean Christians in Iraq.

  3. Chaplain Rodger DeRamus (Retired) says:

    With all of the violence that takes place all over the world and with terror groups like ISIS attacking cities, killing women and children of their own Muslim religion, we are so blessed not to have this happening here in the United States. We take these blessings for granted and go about our business seemingly oblivious to the death and destruction of Christians and their villages (cities). They are being persecuted far worse than many of the first century Christians.
    We never hear of it on the news, TV or radio and it is so easy to become distracted by our own trials and troubles of life. We need to become involved in all facets of life, all of the tribulations Christians overseas are experiencing. Let’s become more aware of their needs.

  4. Nayepe Amos says:

    God is good.

  5. Kebonyetsala Ineeleng says:

    The Holy Spirit is observing the Protocol of God.Amen!

  6. sara rajwati salis says:

    It is heart rending to see how much we need Jesus and His grace to share His love with others.

  7. sara rajwati salis says:

    Pray that we can stand together with the persecuted and contribute where we can, with what we can.

  8. Lynn Fulton says:

    Praise God for this important and urgent message.

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