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Billy Graham films have been shown around the world since 1953, and viewers have recorded more than two million decisions for Christ as a result.

World Wide Pictures
  • Last Flight Out

    Last Flight Out delves into important truths about family, friendship, and responsibility. The movie shows the virtues of hard work, forgiveness, and sacrificial love.

  • The Climb

    The breath-taking story of two men ... one with a courageous heart who seeks God; the other with an independent spirit who relies on his own strength.

  • Road to Redemption

    Amanda is in trouble. BIG trouble. Back in Las Vegas, she and her boyfriend "borrowed" money from her boss. Now she is on the run from the Mob.

  • Doc Kom's Surf Shop

    Kids love discovery, especially with cool friends like Doc and the Downloader kids. The best discovery is that God wants to communicate with you!

  • Something to Sing About

    Tommy Blessed, the lead character in this musical motion picture, has a God-given talent—when Tommy sings, people stop and listen.

  • A Vow to Cherish

    This is a moving story of a family facing a tragedy that will either confirm their love for each other or destroy it when they examine the real meaning of commitment.

  • The Ride

    An entertaining mix of emotion, action and humor as washed-up rodeo champ Smokey Banks forms an unlikely friendship with a courageous orphaned teen.

  • Repeat Performance

    After being abandoned by his mother and going through the suicide of his father, Sean's life hits bottom. God has a plan for his life, but it will take a miracle for Sean to see it.

  • The Home Coming

    Filled with humor and emotion, this film tells the story of Jordy Rembrandt, a tough guy who’s a new student in a small-town school.

  • Charles Colson: Reluctant Prophet

    A provocative journey from political scandal to Christian leadership. Charles Colson is a modern-day Jonah sounding the alarm after getting a second chance.

  • PowerPlay

    The fascinating story of two winners—an aggressive, self-made lawyer and a brawling hockey player who attacks each game like a modern-day gladiator—and one of them is about to be changed.

  • Scars that Heal: The Dave Roever Story

    Gripping true story about rebuilding a life following a hand grenade accident in Vietnam. Dave uses humor and emotion to minister to the pain in us all.

  • Come the Morning

    A mother and her children search through a strange city for the father who’s abandoned them.

  • Eye of the Storm

    A hotshot TV journalist returns from Operation Desert Storm to face personal storms within his family and his soul.

  • Hockey Beyond Belief

    In this board-slamming video you’ll meet some of today's hottest hockey players whose edge on and off the ice comes from an unexpected source.

  • Zamperini: Still Carrying the Torch

    He’s been an Olympic star and a WWII hero, but his toughest challenge came at Billy Graham's first crusade.

  • Caught

    A young man searching for the father he never knew gets caught up in the raw underbelly of Amsterdam. An unwanted friend becomes his only hope for survival.

  • Cry From the Mountain

    A father and son are thrust into a chain of events that will change their lives forever.

  • Then Sings my Soul

    A historical and personal look at the music, the faith and the life of George Beverly Shea.

  • The Prodigal

    The American dream becomes a nightmare when the Stuart family drifts apart. Son Greg’s return home only widens the gap. It’s time to find a foundation.

  • Joni

    A diving accident left Joni Eareckson Tada paralyzed, but with God's help her life was pieced back together as shown in this true-life video presentation.

  • No Longer Alone

    A true story of hope for those who feel unwanted. An incredible story about God’s intervention at that desperate moment.

  • Shiokari Pass

    The true story of a man who dared to love beyond all limits. Faith jumps into action in this tale set in turn of the century Japan.

  • The Hiding Place

    The incredible, heroic story of Corrie ten Boom and her family, who worked with the underground resistance in Holland against the occupying Nazi army, providing a "hiding place" in their home for fleeing Jews.

  • Time to Run

    On the run from his family, the authorities, and - most of all - God, Jeff, a student environmentalist who shames the legacy of his father, finally confronts the deep hole in his life that only one thing can fill.

  • Two a Penny

    A struggling art student looks for quick money and finds some bad company and a dangerous situation. He and his Christian girlfriend are on the run.

  • For Pete’s Sake

    An uplifting drama about coming to terms with new faith in the midst of life's frustrations and even serious tragedy.

  • The Restless Ones

    A realistic look into a teen's life—peer pressure, dating, drugs and more. An important movie for parents and teens.

  • Shadow of the Boomerang

    This turbulent adventure starts when two American siblings acquire a ranch in Australia. Strange surroundings, spiritual discord and racial tension add to the fray.

  • The Heart is a Rebel

    For four years, Hal and Joan Foster have been struggling with their son's serious illness, but then a preacher comes on the scene—and everything changes.

  • Wiretapper

    The amazing story of Jim Vaus, an electronics whiz entangled with the mob. Actual footage of the Billy Graham's 1949 LA Crusade makes it a true classic!

  • Oiltown, U.S.A

    Les Manning has learned to rely on power and money. Challenged by the Gospel and life’s awful circumstances, Manning finds an alternate power source.

  • Souls in Conflict

    A London actress, a poor factory worker and a heroic jet pilot must decide how Jesus Christ will affect the rest of their lives.