‘What We’ve Prayed For’

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After several meetings and much prayer, My Hope World Evangelism Through Television and the Evangelical Association of Malawi are partnering to do a My Hope TV project with planned broadcast dates of November 4-6.

My Hope uses a combination of television, churches and relationships to present simple Gospel messages to entire countries. Pastors trained by My Hope staff then go on to train Christians in their churches to host non-believing family and friends in their homes for refreshments and an evangelistic television special.

At the conclusion of the program, the hosts, called “Matthews,” offer their personal testimonies and invite their guests to enter a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ready for More Revival

Nestled in southeastern Africa amid Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia, the Republic of Malawi has a fairly young multiparty democracy. While there is an increasing awareness of social and ethnic roots in this country, God is moving among the churches to out aside differences and unite under the My Hope project.

At the May 8 launch meeting, 220 people were in attendance – 70 more than were initially invited. Of those people, one of them was their attorney general, Dr. Jane Ansah. She and her husband pastor the Christ Citadel Church in Malawi.

Patrick Semphere, National My Hope Coordinator for Malawi, says this is just one of many indications that Malawi is primed for something like this. “This is not surprising for Malawi because formal invitations to public events do not matter much. It proves the point that My Hope is on fertile ground in Malawi because our culture makes it easy to invite friends and neighbors to an event in the home.”

The church in Malawi is in a state of revival and unity, but oddly enough, this immense enthusiasm about the My Hope project can pose a challenge. Because the excitement is so great, they may not have the resources to support the churches willing to participate. “We will do well to determine the God-given cut-off point of the number of churches that we can service in this project,” said Semphere.

Pray for My Hope Malawi

Along with praying for resources to be stretched to further the Gospel in Malawi, here are some other prayer needs of this project:

  • God’s guidance throughout the project process
  • Deep unity among My Hope staff
  • Protection for everyone involved in the project
  • Local fundraising efforts
  • Eternal impact from the project

“This is a great moment for the church in Malawi,” said Semphere. “Many church leaders have told us this is what they have been praying for.”