Teaching Tweens to Share Their Testimonies

By   •   April 11, 2012

Probably one of the strongest witnesses for a tween in those awkward years between nine and 14 is the example of their peers. That’s why Dare to Be a Daniel, the youth evangelism training ministry of the BGEA, is encouraging kids to share their stories with one another.

The ministry sent letters to Team D2BD Members and asked fans of the Dare to be a Daniel Facebook page to send in their testimonies and explained three steps to use.  (Adults: you too can follow these principles when sharing your own story.)

1. What was your life like before you became a Christian?

2. Why did you decide to accept Christ as your Savior, and how did you do that? (Helpful hint: How did you hear about Christ? What did you hear about Christ? How did you respond?)

3. In what ways has your life changed since you made that decision, and what difference does Jesus continue to make in your life?

The stories have begun to pour in and we thought you might want to read a few that demonstrate the power of Jesus to move in a young person’s life.

D2BD testimonies (In Their Own Words)

Caitlin’s Story:

My life was going alright from when I was born up to middle school. I was raised in a Christian house and hung around my Christian family. When middle school started, life got harder for me at the end of sixth grade when all the friends I met moved away.

I was angry and in seventh grade, I lost friends including my best friend. In eighth grade I didn’t feel like anyone liked me, so I wanted to kill myself. I got help but it wasn’t enough help. In ninth grade I wanted to kill myself again and that is when everything around me started going down. I met Jesus in the middle of ninth grade and got baptized. I realized that my parents’ lives were working out and saw how God saved my mother from dying. God also protected my grandparents in a car accident.

God is still protecting my family and I am still in ninth grade. I joined volleyball and met new people I can trust. I helped get my friend saved and I am still talking about what God has done in my life. My life is filled with joy knowing that God cares and He is watching over me.

Lindsey’s Story:

Before I became a Christian, I was selfish and only cared about me. To me, everyone was here to adore me and tell me how cute I was. I felt guilty when I disobeyed my parents, but mostly I was concerned about my reputation. My goal in life was to have fun and be loved. Utterly, I hated being punished for doing wrong. Then I realized punishment was what I deserved.

I grew up in a Christian home, going to church as many Sundays as possible. When The Jesus Movie for Kids came out in theaters, we went to see it. I was blown away. I realized how great God’s love must be for me that he would die to pay my eternal punishment. Behind that sweet little 6-year-old girl, there was a girl who wanted forgiveness for all the wrong she knew she had done. I cut a bigger picture, one that lived beyond me. I knew there was no greater love I would find with such hope of a life in heaven with my Lord and Savior.

Ever since I made the choice to receive Christ as my Redeemer and Master of my life, I have found purpose for my life. To love as God loved. To reflect His peace. To lead others to Christ. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. By grace I have been set free. I continue to learn and grow in my relationship with Christ.

Matthew’s Story:

I grew up in a Christian home and attended Sunday School, worship and AWANA weekly. My parents tried to incorporate Christian teachings in my everyday life.  At the age of 7, I asked Jesus to come into my life.  At the time I didn’t really know all that much about having a personal relationship with Christ.  I knew that God loved me and died for me and that if I asked Him to come into my life, when I died I would go to heaven and not hell.

Since that time, as I grew older and continued to learn more about God and His Word, I learned more about what it meant to have a personal walk with Him. I wanted that for myself, so I rededicated my life to Him and have grown in my faith. I know that I am a Christian because the Bible says that all who believe in Him will be saved. I know that this means not just believing that He exists, but actually having a living growing relationship with Him.

I read my Bible and pray daily and am trying to serve God and live for Him in all that I do. I especially want to not only trust Him for my life and the circumstances I find myself in, but also I want to share what He has done for me with other people.