Serving Those Who Serve Us

By   •   May 22, 2009   •   Topics:

Layne, deployed last year to Kirkuk Airbase in northern Iraq, was invited to The Cove for refreshment, relaxation, Bible study and crisis training from the Rapid Response Team.

“The invitation was even extended to my wife, so she came with me. Personally, I felt honored and proud. Military spouses don’t get to see all the pride and others around them have and what they do,” said Layne. “Everyday I was in Iraq, my wife was doing two jobs. Even though she didn’t draw a paycheck, she went through the deployment with me.”

Layne feels his visit to The Cove has enhanced his service to our country, thanks to the crisis counseling training he received from the Rapid Response Team. He has been able to more confidently counsel to servicemembers returning from duty and first responders in natural or man-made disasters.

He feels the ministry he received helps him to minister to others more effectively.

“My trip was free, but it was certainly worth paying for. I’m so happy to know that scholarship are available for my military brothers and sisters, who have been deployed for a much longer time frame than I have been,” said Layne. “I encourage other military servicemembers to take part in the scholarship program at The Cove.”

Layne was even able to participate in a chapel service at The Cove and present an American Flag that was flown over Iraq in honor of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).

“That was one of the greatest days of ministry in my life,” he said. “That was just a small token to the BGEA ministry for their support of me, personally, and for those in military service.”

For more information about the military scholarship opportunities at The Cove visit their Web site or call 1-800-950-2092.