Relying on God’s Hope: Stories from Decision America Tour

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Joining hands in prayer for our country during the Decision America Tour stop in Phoenix, Arizona.

These stories are from people across America who attended or listened live as Franklin Graham’s Decision America Tour came to their state. The tour is drawing people from all 50 states to pray for God to heal the U.S. and encourage believers to vote and run for office. Many people at these prayer rallies have also committed their hearts to Jesus Christ and are living new lives. Find inspiration through these stories to stand up for your faith and take action today.

A New Reason to Live

Molly just finished her first year of high school in New Hampshire. Back in January, she said she was struggling with suicidal thoughts and being bullied, but after attending the Decision America event in Concord and hearing Franklin Graham share the Gospel, she realized she could give her worries to God. “I prayed for forgiveness and faith in Jesus,” she said. In the months following, Molly found a church, joined a youth group and started reading the Bible. “My family actually followed me to church,” she said. Although Molly was raised in a different faith, she said, “I was never able to feel God’s presence. Now I feel Him anywhere I go.”

‘If We All Stand Side by Side and Fight for God’

Colton, a public school teacher in Nebraska, sat in his car eating lunch the day the Decision America Tour came to his state. As Franklin Graham’s words streamed live on his Facebook page, Colton thought, “Finally, somebody speaking up in the right tone like we need to do.” A little while later when Franklin shared the Gospel, Colton prayed to rededicate his life to Jesus. That night as he read Scripture, Colton was thankful for how the prayer rallies are prompting a revival of faith in America. “Nobody is talking about God. … If we all stand side by side and fight for God, that’s even greater than whoever [becomes] president.” He also began praying for others and closely studying God’s Word. “I want to rush out and tell everyone … This is the answer for what we need to do. It’s so exciting!”

A Security Guard Found Her Security in Christ

“I’m going to write your name in my hand so I can keep you close to my heart.” Those words deeply touched Nikita, a security guard at the Decision America Tour stop in Jackson, Mississippi. They were spoken by an older woman who took Nikita’s hand as they prayed for God to forgive their sins—and also America’s. Nikita felt convicted about her party lifestyle and how it had led her away from God. She prayed to rededicate her life to Jesus. Before the prayer rally, Nikita didn’t know what the event was about—“I didn’t think it was going to be that powerful. … It’s changed me tremendously. I’m praying more, reading the Bible more. … I joined a women’s encouragement Bible group. … I don’t want to be just a Christian and go to [a] service. I want to live according to His will and do what’s right.”

Spurred to Take Action for His Faith

As a new believer, Kwan felt empowered by the prayer rally in Sacramento—the first large Christian event he had ever attended. He goes to church and reads his bible regularly but was spurred to do more after hearing Franklin Graham’s challenge to stand up for God in his community. Kwan went home from the Decision America Tour and began praying for our nation—and volunteered to work on a political campaign for a candidate who supported biblical principles. “I was glad I was able to listen to [Franklin] Graham live and get energized that all Christians be united.”

She Gave Her Worries to Jesus

“I’m praying this prayer and meaning it this time,” Jennifer, with tears in her eyes, texted to her pastor standing nearby. They were at Franklin Graham’s Decision America stop in Phoenix, and Jennifer had just prayed to rededicate her life to Jesus. Raised Jewish, Jennifer first accepted Jesus as a high school freshman. But a decade and an abusive marriage later, Jennifer had drifted. Standing on the State Capitol grounds in Arizona, she cried as Franklin Graham spoke. She thought, “I’m tired of trying to do things my own way. I’m tired of trying to do it on my own.” After praying along with Franklin Graham to rededicate her life to Christ, she talked with her pastor about her decision on the 45-minute drive home. She told him she was never baptized simply because of her family’s Jewish faith. Less than two weeks after the prayer rally, she changed that, too.

‘We’re Not Alone’

Cheryl Smith shares Franklin Graham’s burden for America. And when she and her family volunteered at the Decision America prayer rally in Columbia, South Carolina, they felt united with other believers. “It was like all the denominational walls were gone, and we were there for one purpose–to pray and focus on Christ,” Cheryl said. Later when she found out 7,100 people attended the rally, Cheryl knew God was directing her steps. She had read in Romans that morning about God’s reply to Elijah: “I have kept for myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal.” God promised a remnant 7,000 strong. “That was the neatest thing because the Lord had given me that Scripture,” Cheryl said. “So many times, I think about the state that Elijah was in and feeling like he was all alone. That’s really how we feel. [But] we’re not alone.”

You can find hope in Jesus, too.