Paint, Passion and Poetry

By Jeremy Hunt   •   April 17, 2008   •   Topics: , , , ,

To most people, the Good News of Jesus’ life and the often-maligned art form of graffiti would make for the most absurd of companions. What use might the Savior have for spray paint cans and breathing masks? You might as well ask what use would He have for a bunch of roughneck, working class fishermen…wait…okay, so maybe Jesus did have a knack for going where the religious folks of His day wouldn’t dare tread.

This graffiti-fueled project came to life at the SouthTown Riders Skatepark in Fort Mill, S.C., earlier this year. The STR Skatepark had the perfect urban/industrial feel for the video shoot and the STR owners and skate team were very warm and welcoming, even if the weather outside was not. The shoot started bright and early at 7 a.m. and ran until 9:30 that evening. Fasm and Camer1, two artists from the Gospel Graffiti crew, had traveled from Northern California to spray paint the huge mural that serves as the focal point of the video.

DJ Promote, a graffiti artist and DJ from Texas, and Tavis Brunson, a Charlotte-based spoken word artist, also assisted in the project. DJ Promote pulled double-duty throughout the day, trading his turntables for a can of spray paint and vice versa. His mix kept the entire cast and crew of the video in good spirits through the day, especially when he mashed archival audio clips from Billy Graham events with sweet beats and heavy bass lines.

Tavis’ role was that of narrator, walking the viewer through the question of “Why do I need God?” He followed that up with his take on the sinner’s prayer, using simple but beautiful wording to sum up how we can accept Jesus into our lives. His approach matched the feel of the artwork behind him perfectly.

When it was all said and done, everyone was pretty worn out. But it was a successful shoot, with new friendships formed, a stunning piece of art created and a fresh spin on the Good News of Jesus.