Billy Graham’s Answers: What is Real Love?

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The portrayal of love and relationships in movies, books and television shows is getting more extreme.

“The conscience of America seems to be paralyzed,” Billy Graham once said. “Our Western society has become so obsessed with sex, that it seeps from all the pores of our national life.”

Violence, selfishness and lust are not ways God intended for us to define or show love. These five answers from Billy Graham explain ways people can distort love and how to overcome them:

Q: Sometimes my fiancé gets very angry and fairly violent, although he always apologizes and says it won’t happen again. Should I be concerned?
A: True love puts the other person first, as Christ loves us.
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Q: Why does religion always seem to oppose things like sexual freedom, for example?
A: Don’t get caught in a trap—the trap that says you are free to do anything you want and you won’t suffer any consequences.
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Q: I always seem to fall for men who say they love me, but end up using me then dropping me. Why can’t I get it right?
A: True love isn’t just interested in what someone will give me; instead, it seeks to help them and serve them.
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Q: What’s wrong with pornography?
A: It treats others not as people but as objects, as playthings for our own selfish gratification.
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Q: I have a very hard time believing God loves me because my own father was abusive. How can I believe in God’s love?
A: Your emotions may be understandable—but they are deceiving you.
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