‘I Want to Know Who Is God’ and Other Questions About Christianity People Ask Online

By   •   September 8, 2021

In the past year, more than 8 million people have visited Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) Gospel-centered websites in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Arabic and Korean. Read about four people reached through BGEA’s Internet Evangelism ministry—in the Middle East, South Africa and beyond.

‘I Didn’t Have Anyone to Teach Me’

Emad,* a man in his 20s living in the Middle East, contacted the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s (BGEA’s) Arabic-language Gospel site, Salam Maa Allah, with questions about Christianity. He had learned a little about Jesus Christ but said, “I was harshly criticized and warned about the consequences of following Jesus. I didn’t have anyone to teach me the message of Christ.”

He found the website one day while searching the internet and knew it was time for him to learn about Jesus.

From there, he was connected with trained, Arabic-speaking volunteers from BGEA’s internet evangelism ministry and started going through a free, online discipleship course called The God Who Saves.

As he went through the course, he began to understand the Good News. He read through the New Testament books of Matthew, Mark and Luke. Emad had a lot of questions about baptism, which a volunteer answered, and he requested a hard copy of the Bible.

The internet evangelism team connected Emad with a group of believers near him, who provided him with a Bible in his language.

After exploring the claims of the Gospels, Emad decided he wanted to follow Jesus Christ, and he prayed to repent of his sins and surrender his life to the Lord.

He shared with BGEA’s online ministry, “I will follow our Lord Christ alone and will not follow anyone else. I will not deny my faith in our Lord Christ even though this thing will cause me to be killed.”

‘Let Your Little Light Shine’

“I’m Ruth* and I want to learn about the Gospel,” said one 8-year-old girl who visited PeaceWithGod.net. Lynda, an internet evangelism volunteer, was glad to explain the Good News of Jesus Christ to Ruth.

When asked if she wanted to pray, Ruth indicated she did, and she asked Jesus to come into her life and forgive her of her sins. Lynda asked if she had a Bible she could read each day to grow in her faith. She replied that her mother was helping her find one and then added, “I want to know how to share the Gospel with my family and friends.”

Lynda gave her some of our online resources to help—and then told her, “Let your little light shine!” We praise God for Ruth’s new life in Christ!

>>Find out how you can share the Gospel with people online through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s Internet Evangelism ministry, Search for Jesus.

‘I’m Lost in This World’

“I have committed every sin on earth except murder,” Abdullah* told a volunteer named Michael. “Can I be a child of God?”

Abdullah, who is from South Africa, was overcome by his sin: “I want change in me and I cannot do it on my own.”

Michael talked with him about the necessity of having Jesus Christ in his life and how he can only walk in peace and godliness through a personal relationship with Him.

As they discussed these things, Michael asked if he would like to put his faith in Jesus, and Abdullah responded, “Yes I would love that because I’m lost in this world.”

Abdullah prayed to repent of his sins and start a new life in Christ. Before the conversation ended, they talked about how he could find a Bible-believing church in his area and how important it is to begin reading God’s Word.

Though he came from a Muslim background, Abdullah said, “I personally know the truth in my heart that Jesus is the son of God.”

‘I Want to Know Who Is God’

“I feel someone is speaking to my heart, and I want to know who is God. I am Muslim, and I don’t feel I am satisfied with my faith. When I think of the Christian faith, I feel like there is a connection with whom they believe in, because of the love they always share with each other.”

These were Hassan’s* first words to an online volunteer on the Arabic-language site, Salam Maa Allah.

He came asking questions and wanting to know the one true God. The volunteer shared what the Bible says about humanity and salvation through Jesus Christ, and Hassan was grateful that someone could help him.

After helping Hassan understand the complete Gospel, the volunteer asked if he was willing to follow Christ.

“YES I want to,” he said. “Jesus Christ is the only one who loved us and gave Himself for us when He died on the cross.”

Please pray for new believers across the globe. Ask God to give them strength in obeying His Word and remaining bold in their faith.

*Names changed to protect privacy.