5 Answers From Billy Graham for the Fourth of July

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On Independence Day, people all around the United States are celebrating this nation and the freedom that it offers.

But the Fourth of July is about more than fireworks and watermelon. This holiday often sparks conversation about what independence really means—both here on earth and for eternity.

Throughout his ministry, Billy Graham talked about where to find true freedom.

“Freedom in Christ is the ultimate freedom to be celebrated not only on special days, but all year around,” Mr. Graham once said.

In these five answers, Billy Graham explains liberty, the state of America, ways to pray for our nation and more. We hope you’ll find guidance and encouragement to share this Fourth of July.

Does God want us to be free?
While earthly freedoms may be temporary and unpredictable, there is one promise of freedom that can never be taken away.
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Should we pray for politicians and other world leaders?
Though many look to the White House for leadership, ultimate power doesn’t rest with kings, presidents or rulers. Instead, the final authority lies with God. For this reason, we are called to pray for those in leadership, both in the U.S. and around the globe.
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Why are Christians persecuted in some countries?
As we celebration freedom in America—including religious freedom—it’s important to remember not everyone gets this same privilege. Countless people are persecuted daily for their faith in Christ.
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Has God given up on America?
With the United States so drastically turning away from God, it’s easy to question whether God has given up on this country. Can a nation that embraces immorality still receive the favor of God?
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How can the United States get back to the vision this country was founded on?
The U.S. was founded 246 years ago on the vision of our forefathers and their belief in God. While there has been a gradual shift away from God’s standards, it is never too late to turn back to Him—both as a nation and as individuals.
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Are you truly free today? You can be.