Thousands in Vietnam Hear of God’s Love for Them

By   •   March 4, 2023

During the two-day Spring Love Festival in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Franklin Graham shared the Gospel through his interpreter, Pastor Lam Thien Loc, with tens of thousands of people gathered at Phú Thọ Sports Stadium. At the end of each night, Franklin Graham led a prayer for all those who decided to begin a new life with Christ.
Thousands made their way through Ho Chi Minh City's busy streets Sunday to attend the last night of the Spring Love Festival with Franklin Graham. The historic event marked the first time the Vietnamese government has given permission for an evangelistic outreach with a foreign speaker to be held outside of a religious holiday.
With a full stadium, many found seats on curbs or in the grass to hear the message of love, hope, and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.
Music can stir the heart and communicate truth in a creative way. This Vietnamese group led the crowd in worship to direct their hearts toward God.
Some who attended the Festival said they couldn't believe their eyes, that so many of their fellow Vietnamese were hearing the Gospel in one place, many for the first time.
Each new believer received a New Testament and a booklet called Living in Christ to help them grow strong in their new faith.
This Festival marked Franklin Graham's second time sharing the Gospel in Vietnam. He previously held a Festival in Hanoi in 2017.
“[God] sent His Son to save you," said Franklin Graham. "God is offering a gift—salvation, forgiveness, eternal life. But you have to be willing to accept it.” Many people did just that during the two-day Festival. Trained counselors were ready to rejoice with them and point them to next steps in growing in their faith.
“There’s joy in the house of the Lord,” sang the Tommy Coomes Band. With lyrics in both English and Vietnamese, the words rang true as the crowd sang and praised God.
The first night of the Festival, Franklin Graham shared a message on the prodigal son that resonated with many in the audience. "Have you ever wanted to run away from your problems?" Franklin Graham asked, quoting the Bible story from Luke 15.
Through music and a message on Saturday, the crowd heard about our loving and forgiving Heavenly Father who is worthy of praise. In the Bible story Franklin Graham shared, a man leaves his father to live his own way, but finds he's made a mistake and longs for home. He returns to his father who welcomes him with open arms. That's a picture of God, Franklin Graham said, who wants us to return when we stray from Him.
Hundreds of local churches came together to invite non-Christian friends and family to the Festival, and provided buses to help get them there.
Thousands filled the venue to witness the Spring Love Festival, which was originally planned for 2019 but was postponed in part because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Through both song and a Gospel message, the audience heard of God's unconditional love for them, and how He cares for each and every person.
A woman flips through the Living in Christ booklet, which—along with a copy of the New Testament—was given to those who decided to follow Jesus Christ. The resource helps new believers begin their faith journey.
Michael W. Smith has joined Franklin Graham for many evangelistic outreaches around the world, leading crowds in singing praises to God. Before he left the stage Saturday night, he lingered, listening as people worshipped along a cappella.
"Have you ever watched the sun come up or the sun set and ask, 'Is there a God behind all this?'" Franklin Graham asked through his interpreter, Pastor Lam Thien Loc. "Man is searching for purpose and meaning to his life. ... God made us and He created us, and He created a vacuum that He wants to fill inside our bodies. Until He comes into our heart, there’s this emptiness inside."
Dennis Agajanian's fast-picking style and Gospel songs energized the vast crowd.
Praise God for all who are on a new journey with Jesus Christ. Please keep new believers in prayer as they follow Christ each day, and pray for those who haven't yet accepted Him as Lord and Savior to see their need for Him.