The Faces of Prayer March 2020

By   •   September 27, 2020

On September 26, tens of thousands gathered to pray on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., for Prayer March 2020 alongside Franklin Graham and other Christian leaders. While many kids have endured challenges with virtual learning this year due to COVID-19, scores of children enjoyed the in-person experience the prayer gathering offered, like this young man praying at the monuments.
During a pandemic, violent protests and upcoming elections, there's no better time to pray. Many in attendance were all smiles, finding their joy in the Lord and being gathered with fellow believers.
You could ask just about anyone in the crowd where they call home—and most answered that they're from several states away, including California, Florida and Ohio. Everyone came for one purpose: to pray.
While some who walked the 1.8-mile route were in their 80s, these youngsters enjoyed learning how to pray from peers.
Did you miss the march? Watch a replay.
Some people sounded shofars, instruments used during religious occasions, to commemorate the event and encourage walkers.
Prayer is not defined by one language—rather, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life for all people (John 14:6).
Although a few of the seven stops held worship from singers Michael W. Smith and John Rich, attendees often lifted their voices along the route—like this man driving a tractor-load of singers. Each stop had a specific prayer focus—and attendees were provided with a phone number to call in to hear Christian leaders open in prayer.
Several people brought their Bibles to lift up God's Word and open in prayer along the way. See more photos of special guests during the march and how they prayed for America.
Traffic came to a halt as thousands made their way along the Prayer March route—and even a cab driver hopped out to record the moving event.
Voices could be heard and raised hands seen, but the power of the Holy Spirit invisibly moved among hearts. Read more about the move of the Spirit during Prayer March 2020.
With legs dangling on the front steps of the Lincoln Memorial, this crowd may have physically been at the march—but millions more watched online.
The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) is so thankful for its volunteers who handed out map lanyards, flags and masks to passersby—and to all those who prayed for healing in America.