In Pictures: Day 1 of the Greater Tokyo Franklin Graham Celebration

By   •   November 20, 2015

Franklin Graham preaching
The Greater Tokyo Celebration of Love kicked off with Franklin Graham sharing the Gospel message. "Where are you tonight? Are you broken in spirit? Are you spiritually empty?" he asked the crowd.
Crowd clapping
The people of Japan are generally reserved, but Friday night, hundreds raised their arms and clapped along.
Michael W. Smith
Michael W. Smith brought a spirit of worship.
Crowd singing
"Agnus Dei," complete with Japanese translation, brought the house to their feet at the Budokan.
Woman smiling
Enjoying the counseling session, shortly after Franklin Graham led hundreds in a prayer of salvation.
Young man with phone
Some documented special moments from the Celebration of Love on their phones.
Feeling the Holy Spirit move in Tokyo.
Young man praying
Taking a moment after responding to the Gospel message to pray to Almighty God.
Hillsong Worship came from Australia to lead worship both Friday and Saturday night.
Japanese woman with mask
In such a polite culture, many Japanese choose to wear masks so not to spread germs. At Friday's event, nothing could mask the real joy inside the hearts of those who came to know Christ.
Men praying
A decision counselor prays with a man who walked forward after Franklin Graham's message
Franklin Graham in Japan
"Jesus said, 'I will never leave you or forsake you,'" Franklin Graham said Friday night. Using the Bible story of the Prodigal Son, he urged those listening to stop running from God.
Woman with child singing
The Greater Tokyo Celebration of Love brought together people from all walks of life. With infant in tow, this woman sang praises to God.
Crowd with hands lifted
Less than 1 percent of Japan's residents are Christians, but many believers were inside the Budokan on Friday for the Celebration.
Dennis Agajanian
Dennis Agajanian guitar picked his way to a crowd-pleasing number on Friday.
Tommy Coomes Band
The Tommy Coomes Band prepared the crowd for Franklin Graham's message, singing "My Hope" partly in Japanese.
men talking
Sharing what it means to be a follower of Christ.
Moved at the Celebration of Love with Franklin Graham.
Man in worship
Praising Jesus for a weekend of worship and revival in Tokyo.
Saluki= rock band
Saluki=, a Japanese rock duo, brought an upbeat style to begin the night.
dancers on screen
Before the Celebration of Love, a flash mob was used to promote the event throughout the Greater Tokyo region, where 37 million people reside.