Coming Alongside Louisiana Locals Overwhelmed by Disaster

By Nathan Bingle   •   September 5, 2021

Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains are in Louisiana, ministering to residents in three areas hit hard by Hurricane Ida. Help bring hope to Louisiana.
Residents have been dealing not only with damaged homes, but with power outages, closed schools and businesses, and stifling heat. At least 12 people across Louisiana died from the hurricane, for over 60 deaths total across the South and Northeast.
Labor Day morning, Billy Graham chaplains and Samaritan's Purse workers gathered for a time of devotions and prayer before dispersing to help those in need.
Praying with homeowners whose home sustained damage in the storm.
A chaplain stoops down to talk with someone affected by Hurricane Ida in the New Orleans area.
Billy Graham chaplains have spread out across New Orleans, Houma and the Northshore area, with several chaplains in each area.
Tree limbs and damage seen on one neighborhood street.
David Hicks readies the Mobile Ministry Center where people in the community are welcome to talk or pray. In times of crisis, sometimes a person's greatest need is to know someone cares. David Hicks shares more of his experience in New Orleans.
A couple of chaplains with law enforcement backgrounds are reaching out to officers in the area who have been coping with heightened stress in the aftermath of Ida.
This aerial shot shows the Mobile Ministry Center parked in an area where community members are receiving food and other aid. Keep everyone affected by this tragedy in your prayers as residents face unimaginable stress.