Victory Over Temptation

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God never promised to remove temptation from us, for even Christ was subject to it. The Bible says that “He was tested in all things, like as we, yet without sin.” There is no good reason why you should seek to escape, for such times of testing have beneficial effects. There is a sense of achievement and assurance that results from victory over temptation that cannot come to us otherwise.

Temptation shows what people really are. It does not make us Christian or un-Christian. It does make the Christian stronger and causes him to discover resources of power. You can benefit from what might be tragedy, if you will only discover that in just such a time of temptation, Christ can become more real to you than ever, and His salvation will become more meaningful.

Prayer for the day

In all times of temptation, may I remember Your example, Lord Jesus.

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  1. Rick Wilson says:

    Yes, indeed, Christ Yeshua, the man, was tested and tempted, and he had to overcome, otherwise, he would not be our saviour. One could be stupid enough to test YHWH God, usually with detrimental results, but our heavenly Father could never be tempted, for He alone is the omnipotent creator of our home and universe; all glory be to YHWH God.

  2. Adepeju Robert James says:

    Father Lord Jesus Christ give us the grace to victorious over temptation and help us by your grace to live by your example

  3. Antonio Rivera says:

    The same way that TV commercial tells us not to leave home without our wallets in order to spend money. I say, don’t leave Christ, follow him and take him with you,always, God bless.

  4. King B. Johnson says:

    God Bless You!-) Thank you so very much for this post at the right time!-)

  5. BOBBY says:

    thanks for the encouragement that only GODS word can bring.