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Young people talk a lot about love. Most of their songs are about love. . . . “The supreme happiness of life,” Victor Hugo said long ago, “is the conviction that we are loved.” “Love is the first requirement for mental health,” declared Sigmund Freud. The Bible teaches that “God is love” and that God loves you. To realize that is of paramount importance. Nothing else matters so much. And loving you, God has a wonderful plan for your life. Who else could plan and guide your life so well?

Prayer for the day

In knowing I am loved by You, almighty God, my heart trusts You to guide me.

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  1. Victor chika says:

    very interesting and encouraging words from God!!!

  2. Humphrey ejah says:

    I am new but the content is refreshing

  3. Jamie says:

    I am not worthy, Father. Bless me with your Holy word so that I may earn your love. Show me the way Dear Father…. in Jesus Holy name

  4. caroline munyao says:

    love the original uncorrupted message of Christ, blessings

  5. Adepeju Robert James says:

    God almighty i thank you for your love toward me let your ever abiding present not depart from me and my family in Jesus Christ name

  6. Roz Beck says:

    His love for you and me is supreme, everlasting and all-knowing. Thank you,

  7. Carla M. beam says:

    My husband and I so love the way Samaritan’s Purse ministers all over the world. God is doing exceedingly and abundantly more than we can imagine in the lives of people all over our world. I so wish I had millions of dollars to contribute to your ministry. But what I do have is prayer. God bless your work.

  8. GILBERT says:

    Yes!He loves even me!

  9. Karen Olson says:

    I believe God allows things to happen. I keep praying for the trust and faith I need for me and my husband and daughter, who is disabled and lives with us. Our youngest daughter recently told us (3 months ago) that she no longer wants us in her life. We are devastated but me more than anyone. My husband has been dealt many hard blows in his life, and has learned to deal with most things. He is heartbroken but he can still find joy in his life. I cannot. I can’t get past this. I keep praying that the Holy Spirit will allow me to leave this at the cross and allow to take this and do His will. I can’t seem to let it go or our daughter go. I miss her so much. She took our granddaughter from us to (she’s 17)Please pray for us