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By   •   January 1

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As we flick the calendar to a new year, we come face to face with the fact that our days on earth are numbered. As the Psalmist wrote, “Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” No thoughtful person can approach New Year’s Day without some introspection. We are reminded of the brevity of time. We also look back over our failures, mistakes, and missed opportunities, and vow that we will make better use of our time during the coming year. We should take time to be pleasant, to smile, to extend the small courtesies we often omit—to show love to our family. Psychiatrists tell us that most people are starved for love. Take time for the goodbye kiss; we shall go to work with a sweeter spirit. Let us take time to get acquainted with our families. We are not machines. We are not robots. The secret of a happy home is that members of the family learn to give and receive love. Let us take time to express our love in a thousand ways.

Listen to Billy Graham’s audio message about numbering your days.

Time is short. Make a decision to accept Christ today.

Prayer for the day

As I begin a new year, Lord Jesus, I pray that my walk through the days ahead will be filled with Your love for others, a love that does not count the cost.

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  1. Andrew Cox says:

    So good to read this. Thank you. I’ve been trying so hard to focus on ministry and God’s plan for me. I got offered a job through my church to minister to shut ins and hospitals. I was very thankful at first but now I see that their main goal is bringing people in the church, and not showing love that’s needed. So will you pray for God using me whatever way is needed to make a difference in other people’s life? Thank you.

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Andrew,
      We said a prayer for you! May God give you clarity and wisdom in your work.

      —BGEA Team

  2. Malcolm says:

    Thank you Lord. I know every day begins and ends with You. My life is indeed a proof of your love.

  3. Janet Thornton says:

    Thank You, Lord, for every day we receive. My days I commit to you.

  4. Cathy McLeod says:

    Our days belong to the Lord. May He help us every day to live for Him and do His will.

  5. Tony Parron says:

    Thank You, Lord, for Your love for us and not leaving us on our own! My goal and aim in life is to hear from You and follow You all the days of my life. Amen.

  6. Gerry says:

    Wow, first day of 2018. What lies ahead? I pray that it will be a year of steady return to our Christian roots, and a year of love, peace and prosperity.

    1. Malcolm says:


  7. Marcia Elliott says:

    I am blessed with the word of GOD it has strengthen me day by day

  8. Jonathan Orabunde says:

    I am highly lifted.

  9. Yohan Choi says:

    Thank you very much. God bless you and your ministry and happy new year!

  10. paulo says:

    Thanks a lot for the inspirational devotions. My resolution this new year is to serve God faithfully and I have to know His word and materials like these are helpful. Once more thanks.