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Christians are to enjoy life and enjoy one another. When children see no joy in their home, no joy in your Christianity, they will not be attracted by it. When they see you excited about going to a ball game, or watching television, and then dragging around to do spiritual things, they will soon get the idea that Christianity does not mean much to you. Your attitude will rub off. My wife says that the best way to get a child to eat his food is to see his parents enjoying theirs. Our children will not be attracted to Christ if we make Him seem dull.

Prayer for the day

May I live so close to You, Jesus, that those around me will see Your joy.

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  1. Jim Gollden says:

    Thank you. I have been challenged by this subject lately, and find these comments helpful as I seek to express my joy in a meaningful way before others.

  2. Vicky Beyler says:

    Thank you to Billy Graham for my daily devotions

  3. Glenda Richardson- Kelly says:

    God bless Mr. Graham. It is by means of his preaching that I came to Christ!

  4. Erick langat says:

    That’s an inspiring message. God bless