A God of Justice

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A number of years ago I was stopped for driving too fast in a speed zone, and in the courtroom I pleaded guilty. The judge was not only friendly but embarrassed for me to be in his court. The fine was ten dollars. If he had let me go free, it would have been inconsistent with justice. The penalty had to be paid either by me or someone else! Judgment is consistent with love. A God of love must be a God of justice. It is because God loves that He is just. His justice balances His love and makes His acts of both love and justice meaningful.

God could not consistently love men, if He did not provide for the judgment of evil-doers. His punishment of the evil-doer and His separation of the righteous is a manifestation of God’s great love. We must always look at the cross on the dark background of judgment. It was because God’s love for man was so intense that He gave His Son, so that man would not have to face judgment.

God is just, Billy Graham explains in this classic message.

Prayer for the day

You are the Supreme Judge, almighty God, and I thank You that even though I did not deserve forgiveness, my judgment was paid by Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

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  1. Roy Pungalik says:

    Yes, he was an inspiritational preacher. We all love to hear God’s Word. Amen.

  2. Joe says:

    Amen. Thanks be to God.

  3. Gerry says:

    A greater love the world has never seen. The Holy Son of God willingly permitted Himself to endure horrific torture and ultimately death—all that to give anyone who would accept that well-documented truth, the promise of eternal life with him in Heaven. Wow…..that’s truly amazing love. Thank you, Lord.

  4. Eric Osadebe says:

    Your ministry has blessed me and my family.

  5. Nagamani shwetha says: