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Why is the Bible filled with mysteries? I thought Jesus came to clear things up with people. Why are we left with so many questions about suffering, sickness, and despair? Our world is filled with it, and I am at a loss to help my friends who are not believers to understand where Christians get their hope that someday we will understand this life.


From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Heaven will be a place where mysteries will be unveiled. We will understand more clearly about suffering and discouragement, and we will have more clarity about the enormity of man’s sin. Mankind often fails to comprehend that God never intended for people to cope with such things, but when the human race fell because of its disobedience to God, consequences of sin have followed close behind.

The question we must ask is what should we do when these things beset us? As Christians, do we stay in our despair because of sickness, or do we ask the Lord to show us how we can use difficult circumstances to point others to His comfort and healing through His gift of salvation extended to all people?

When disappointment or tragedy strikes, we have a decision to make: Will we turn away from God, or will we turn toward Him? There are two roads before us. One road leads to doubt, bitterness, fear, and hopelessness. The other road leads to hope, peace, strength and joy.

When people seek to find independence from God, they have lost a sense of purpose in life. The more worldly pleasure we enjoy, the less satisfied and contented we are with life. Trusting in Jesus today and in all the tomorrows brings assurance that He has answers for every mystery, and they are all according to His will.

(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)

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