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We've been studying one of the Gospels in our small group Bible study at church, and recently we came across a place where Jesus says God has forsaken Him. Why did He say that? How could God have abandoned Him right when He needed God the most? Will God ever forsake us?


No, God will never forsake us if we have truly committed our lives to Christ. God’s promise to His children couldn’t be clearer: “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5).

And one reason God will never forsake us is because His Son was forsaken in our place. When Jesus Christ went to the cross, He did not deserve to die. He wasn’t guilty of any crime in the eyes of the law (in spite of what His enemies claimed), nor had He committed any sin in the eyes of God. In fact, since He was God in human flesh, He was without sin of any kind.

But on the cross, something happened we can barely understand: All our sins were placed on Him. To put it another way, He became guilty in God’s eyes of every sin the human race had ever committed. Think of it! He was sinless—but He allowed all our sins to be transferred to Him. The Bible says, “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

And in that terrible moment Jesus fell under the judgment of God—not because of His own sins, but because of ours. That is why He cried out as He died, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Mark 15:34). He took the judgment we deserved—and He did it because He loves us. Have you responded to His love? Don’t let another day go by without Christ in your life.

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  1. Lori Boueltte says:

    I thank God for sending his only begotten son for my horrible sins…. Thank you Lord.

  2. Vicki Burchett says:

    I thank you for this clear explanation. A Co worker and I had this very conversation earlier and she, as best she could, was trying to explain it, but I could not receive it in the way in which she explained it. Now I do and I do receive it, in Jesus Name. Thank you God for making your word easy to receive and get clear understanding from.

  3. Jill Dohrman says:

    But why did Jesus ask a question He knew the answer to? Jesus willingly to on the sins of the world and it seems odd that He didn’t understand that this. Is why He felt forsakened?

  4. Gideon says:

    If anyone knows they can have the Lord’s attention please beg Him on my behalf. I’m so desperate for God. I believe in Him and I believe in Jesus. I feel so miserable and lonely.

    1. Jose Herrera says:

      I may never see you Gideon but the Good Lord is with you. I am an individual that goes through darkness and sadness but God will get you through. God will not put you in any situation that you can’t handle.

    2. Colby says:

      Gideon, you have God’s attention. You are just as important as any other person that has ever existed. If you ask God to come into your life and you repent of your sin, you will be heard by the Alpha and Omega, the Almighty everlasting God. He loves you Gideon, and he is very pleased that you seek a relationship with him. Ask and you shall recieve… God will never abandon hope that you will find your way back to him. Search your heart and confess with your mouth to the one true God, that you may find the faith to execute his will. May God bless you my brother.

    3. Shawna says:

      Gideon i hope you read this before you give up on God i have felt like you wondering were God was it was me that was nor showing up, not God. Even when you don’t want to get up eveeyday and give God time read the bible pray write to God talk to Him even if you do not think He is listening l,then Be Still listen for Him,start helping others as Jesus did. You will start to feel Gods presences in your life and also in your heart. And if you don’t keep going. It is up to us to keep tryinf even when we do not feel God. He will show up. I went through a 10 yr drug addiction all the while thinking God had left me because i could not quite. But i made ot through and new instantly that God had never left me.

  5. shannon bailey says:

    God is with you but not in human time, do you understand that?

  6. Julia Alaniz' says:

    When we are struck with pain and sorrow, we ask, “Why?” Even Jesus asked, “Why?” With His question, He teaches me that I will also ask the same question of God. And to accept that there is no answer–other than it’s God’s will. The Lord’s Prayer takes on a very literal sense.