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A precious neighbor lady is struggling with “old age” sicknesses and suffers greatly. She’s been good to everyone who lives near her and has always been there to help us all. We’re helping her as we can but are troubled that she has to go through this suffering when she’s been so good to others. Why does God allow this?


From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Loved ones and friends struggle with pain, growing disabilities, and facing death—some with no one to help. The question is often asked, “Why doesn’t God just let them die and be at peace?” There are perhaps many reasons for which we do not know. We live in a fallen, sin-scarred world, and much of what happens falls far short of God’s original plan. Even when we can’t understand why God allows such things to happen, it is certain that He still can be trusted to do what is right. God is sovereign, and He knows what is best for every individual. He will take the suffering saint to be with Him in His time, according to His will.

In all we encounter, we should ask God to teach us whatever lessons He has for us to learn. There are times that God allows a loved one to linger because family members need to come together and be reconciled to one another. God also may use situations to teach us how to love others who are in need and also to remind us of the brevity of life. It’s certain that the suffering of a loved one is never in vain and we need to always remember to cling tightly to the God of all comfort. He knows our needs before we ask (see Matthew 6:8).

(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)

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