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We're brokenhearted, because the baby we'd looked forward to having for years died after only 10 days of life. I suppose we have lots of questions about why God let this happen, but my main question is this: Is our baby in heaven? Or can we really know?


Yes, you can be assured that your baby is now in heaven, safely beyond the sickness and pain of this world. Your grief is real, and it won’t go away overnight—but take comfort in the fact that this little child is now in God’s presence forever.

Whenever I’m asked a question like this, I think immediately of King David in the Old Testament. God described him in the Bible as “a man after my own heart” (Acts 13:22), and he ruled over Israel with great wisdom and courage. But as the years passed, David drifted away from God, and on one occasion he committed adultery with another man’s wife, named Bathsheba. She became pregnant, and in time she gave birth to a son.

But almost immediately the child became very sick, and seven days later he was dead. During those seven days, David pleaded with God, asking Him to spare the child’s life—but to no avail. David grieved for the child—but at the same time, he was confident that after his own death they would be reunited: “Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me” (2 Samuel 12:23).

Thank God for His love—both for you and for this child. Thank God most of all for the hope we have of heaven because of Christ’s death and resurrection for us. Is your hope in Him?

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  1. beverly bodkin says:

    Thank you for the great messages.

  2. Kashif Christi says:


  3. Tom Davidson says:

    As one who has lost a child, I was deeply touched by your response to this question. It’s been seven years now and not a moment goes by where my wife and I don’t think of our Anthony.And while the hole in out heart has healed… it’s still tender to the touch. My wife recently lost her mother and the grief has separated her from the relationship she one had with God. I pray every day that our love will be worthy in the eyes of God and that He will heal the broken hearted in this life, that we can sever Him now and in the next. God bless you Billy and your family for witnessing the love of Christ. I remember being saved watching one of your crusades on TV in the 70’s Blessing to you always!

  4. Richard Tinker says:

    Sovereign God determines who will be in heaven, not sinful man who is birthed with a sinful nature. John 15:16. Joshua was commanded to kill all those that were not Israeli in the Old Testament, including children. Most of these people hated the True and Living God and were idol worshippers. The children did not automatically go to heaven. If all children went to heaven, abortion would be the greatest blessing that man could bestow upon children.

    1. John D. says:

      So, if as you say, “Sovereign God determines who will be in heaven…”, how do you know the eternal fate of those children in Joshua’s time? Let us not underestimate the mercy of God as I don’t believe we can even begin to fathom it.

  5. scott dutra says:

    my child too died after her immunization shots. i believe she is with God…i may never see her again but if she is with God what is greater than that….tears in heaven

    1. LISA says:

      There’s not a doubt that your child is in heaven, but I also know that you can and will see her again if you have accepted Jesus Christ into your heart. I pray God’s blessings and healing in your life, and if you don’t know Christ as you personal savior that some day , soon, you will.

    2. Matt says:

      Scott, I lost my first daughter after only two days of life on earth but 2 things: I believe the 2 Sam scripture is correct and that children like this ARE in heaven, 2nd, you CAN be assured of seeing your child in heaven and not fear of never seeing her again but in order for that to happen, you have to believe Jesus is the Son of God, repent of your sins and follow him, becoming a disciple. Easy choices when we understand what great price was paid for our salvation. In doing so, I believe it is biblical that you can rest assured you will see your child again.

  6. Kathy Carrillo says:

    I do believe that when children or babies die they go to heaven and as hard as it may be to accept the loss, knowing they are with God our father is a gift in and of itself. May God bless and be with you always

  7. Robin Harris says:

    Love to hear Billy Graham speak. I remember when my grandparents packed a lunch and left for the Detrot fairgrounds early in the day to get a good seat to hear everything…as I. Remember it was early .50’S. I am 81 now. God bless my grandparents for teaching me about Jesus . I took Him into my heart when I was 6 years old. ,Many in my family are unbelievers…..the rest are pastors lol. God Bless BG.

  8. diane Iaquinto says:

    I pray that one day i will see god and two children one at three months and one at 9 months i still feel the pain of loosing my babies god has blessed me with two sons one day i pray i will see the ones that are in heaven

  9. Cheryl Smith says: