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What does “slain in the Spirit” mean?


Terms such as “slain in the Spirit” and “falling under the power” are not found in the Bible. We are not aware of any Scriptures that specifically describe this experience which occurs in some church services, where believers are prayed for and in the process fall to the floor and remain unconscious for a time.

Some call attention to Revelation 1:10-17 which tells how the apostle John fell at the feet of Jesus when he was “in the spirit on the Lord’s Day,” and saw the glorious revelation of Christ. There was also the transfiguration of Christ, when Peter, James, and John “fell on their face” at the revelation of Christ’s glory (Matthew 17:1-8).

Some who have experienced being “slain in the Spirit” say that God used it to minister to them by His Spirit in personal ways. In other instances it has been associated with the new birth, the fullness of the Holy Spirit, spiritual, emotional, or physical healing, or deliverance.

However, whatever one may think about the experience of being “slain in the Spirit,” it should not be made an expectation for all believers or be considered a sign of spiritual maturity. In addition, discernment needs to be exercised by mature church leadership since the power of suggestion and mere emotionalism can so easily mimic legitimate spiritual experience.

It is never God’s will that we seek spiritual experience for the sake of experience. God’s will is that we seek Jesus Himself by faith and in accordance with the Word of God. He is our only source of genuine spiritual experience, satisfaction and fulfillment (Psalm 16:11, Philippians 3:10-14).

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  1. Mary McCorison says:

    Thank you for the answer to my question. Look forward to receiving emails.

  2. Tiffany Block says:

    I think that everyone has a different outlook on religious freedoms at churches.

  3. Sarah Newland-Martin says:

    I wanted to know more about being slained or slaying. You have answered my question and I was able to read the relevant scriptures. Thanks.

  4. Maria Decamp says:

    I love the truth, and I believe this is the truth.

  5. Russell K Witcher says:

    I agree with your answer. I suggest that people be careful because most of this is power of suggestion/hypnosis. All experiences are not from God.

  6. Ray Vickers says:

    People seem to think one must be spirit filled to “with it” and I a bit worried watching certain church leaders causing people to fall or crawl Biblical people fell forward not backwardbackward Thnx Ray

  7. sherrel says:

    I experienced both…..speaking in tongues and slain….

  8. Laura Lucas says:

    I ask because I experienced it once when I went to a church seeking Jesus with my whole heart. Pastor called me out of the congregation to pray for me. I felt LOVE and peace beyond explaining. I was not unconscious. I felt like I was in heaven. In time I realized where I was and what had happened.

  9. Harold Travers says:

    I haven’t found a Scriptures that supports being slain in the spirit. Matthews 17 speaks about the disciples fall on their face, doesn’t suggest that they were slain in the spirit.

  10. Sherry Mann says:

    Thank you Mr. Graham. This explains a lot to me. It has happened to me once in my life and it was an amazing experience. And I do believe I was seeking The Experience rather than Jesus again. Thank you for getting my mind back into perspective I appreciate that so very much exclamation point