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What does “slain in the Spirit” mean?


Terms such as “slain in the Spirit” and “falling under the power” are not found in the Bible. We are not aware of any Scriptures that specifically describe this experience which occurs in some church services, where believers are prayed for and in the process fall to the floor and remain unconscious for a time.

Some call attention to Revelation 1:10-17 which tells how the apostle John fell at the feet of Jesus when he was “in the spirit on the Lord’s Day,” and saw the glorious revelation of Christ. There was also the transfiguration of Christ, when Peter, James, and John “fell on their face” at the revelation of Christ’s glory (Matthew 17:1-8).

Some who have experienced being “slain in the Spirit” say that God used it to minister to them by His Spirit in personal ways. In other instances it has been associated with the new birth, the fullness of the Holy Spirit, spiritual, emotional, or physical healing, or deliverance.

However, whatever one may think about the experience of being “slain in the Spirit,” it should not be made an expectation for all believers or be considered a sign of spiritual maturity. In addition, discernment needs to be exercised by mature church leadership since the power of suggestion and mere emotionalism can so easily mimic legitimate spiritual experience.

It is never God’s will that we seek spiritual experience for the sake of experience. God’s will is that we seek Jesus Himself by faith and in accordance with the Word of God. He is our only source of genuine spiritual experience, satisfaction and fulfillment (Psalm 16:11, Philippians 3:10-14).

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  1. Carol Rosati says:

    When visiting Jubilee church in Pensacola Fl. I received the gift of tongues. What an amazing experience. I will never forget. It made me so very aware of His presence in my life.

  2. Karen says:

    When I first got saved I would pray and read my Bible every day . I would seek for God with all my heart. And just as the word says if we search for God with all our heart He will be found of us. I fell out under the power of God and it is something you will never forget. When it happens to you then you know it is one pushed me or touched me in anyway. Just a raptured joy and feeling of a tremendous love for God as I went limp and fell to the floor. All i wanted to do was praise God.!!!!!!!!!!.

  3. Sam says:

    I have spoken in tongues but never slain in the spirit. Paul says that not everyone has the same gifts, so for anyone says you have to speak in tongues to be saved, do not speak truth. I have experienced the Revelation event noted, and it is different than what goes on in pentecostal circles. It is where one is overpowered, become weak in Gods presence, and fall forward. From my research, you don’t have to believe in Jesus to be slain in the spirit, Hindus practice this as well. Everyone should do their own research.

  4. moses says:

    good very useful for this generation to know……
    is there any answer for holy laugh

  5. Wilma Ray says:

    Good points. When the power of God falls on you or swells in you as you submit your self to God sometimes it is strong enough to make your knees buckle or other physical movements.

  6. Niki says:

    I was slain in the Spirit tonight as part of healing and deliverance. I do not always understand why it happens though

    1. A child of God says:

      It is God working whatever is needed in you. He knows what we need even when we don’t know. He is an awesome God. Yield to Him and let Him finish what he started. He knows best, sweety. Thank Him fir what He has/had and will be done, amen amen.🌈

  7. Kenneth Robinson says:

    Thank you for comments about being slain in the spirit. I have a granddaughter involved in a Pentecostal movement ant I think it’s going to her head. She’s closer to God than her family. I am an ordained minister with 25 years of pastoral experience and another 24 years of workers my with delinquents.

    1. A child of God says:

      God bless you and your granddaughter.

    2. Karen says:

      The word says that we are to have a love for god that is so strong that the love we feel for our family is like hate. We are to love him with all of our soul , strength, and mind. We need to be close to god so we can love our families as he would have us do. He is our savior and we need to be close to him to hear what he would say to us how we are to live our lives…..

  8. Adam says:

    I cannot give a Biblical example but I can tell you that the two different times it has happened to me where experiences I will never forget. The first time was the person praying was holding my hands and the second no one was touching me. Both times I found freedom from things in my life.

  9. Debra onken says:

    I agree with this because there are some evangelist on TV slanging people in spirit alto can be deceptive. I believe more important of all is to have a real relationship with Christ; seek His face and abide in Him and follow Him.

    1. A child of God says:

      Our Father will take care of them. Keep praying for them. Only God knows ones heart and ‘only’ Him. We can’t run or hide from Him. Be blessed.😇

  10. My Info says:

    Pastors have told me that u have not been baptised in the holy spirit if u don’t speak in tongues.

    1. James says:

      Pastor’s right. Slain in the Spirit is a whole different thing. In Acts 2 and throughout the book of Acts they were all accompanied with speaking in other tongues. However you can be saved without speaking in tongues and have the Holy Spirit working in your life to convict you of your sins and regenerate you.