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Does God still do miracles, like He did in biblical times? If He does, why doesn't He do more of them? Maybe more people would believe in Him if He did.


God is not limited, and He is certainly able to work in miraculous ways today just as He did in biblical times, if He so chooses. If He didn’t, why would we bother to pray when a loved one falls ill or God’s work is opposed by evil forces?

At the same time, much of what God does in the world is hidden from us. Think, for example, of the work He has given His angels to do on our behalf. Occasionally they may make their presence known, but for the most part, they’re hidden from us, and only in heaven will we understand how they protected us or delivered us from danger. Much of what they do could be labeled as miracles. The Bible says, “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” (Hebrews 1:14).

Would more people believe in God or in Christ if they saw a miracle? Not necessarily. Countless people saw Jesus perform miracles, yet they refused to believe in Him or give their lives to Him. Don’t let this be true of you!

The greatest miracle of all, however, is the miracle of a changed life — and this can happen, as we open our hearts and lives to Christ. Do others see Christ in you — His love, His compassion, His purity, His joy? Make sure of your commitment to Christ, then ask Him to change you from within by His Holy Spirit, and make you a living witness to the miracle of His transforming power.

Experience a miracle in your own life:

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  1. Paula A Villarreal says:

    I had a very serious surgery and from that I got pneumonia and a couple more infections. I was in ICU for 28 days. Doctor said to my husband….you should probably call your children to have them come. My son was on his submarine and the Navy flew him home. My daughter from out of state and came. After 47 day in the hospital I came home and 2 months later I was back to work. God is amazing and our church and well as family and friends were continuously praying. I kept strong in my faith and told God if you want to take….then please I just want Your will. That a miracle. Praise GOD. 🙂

  2. Penelope Heckelman says:

    God does not want you to love him or believe in him because you see a miracle done. It seems to me that you would have to see more miracles to keep believing in Jesus. The real miracle is a changed life when Jesus saves us. When we read the Bible our life surly changes. That is a bona fide miracle.

  3. Vincenzo says:

    God help me in my life, I need you.

  4. manghaki says:

    How can i have faith that can shift mountains

    1. Paula A Villarreal says:

      I have learned that when I turn concerns over to God…the burden of concerns are with Him ….. then I can relax because He is in charge….and I wait. I don’t think of it as much and I know the Holy Spirit will prompt me to continue in His grace and mercy. I am not special….He does that for all His children.

  5. jamiehiggins says:

    I’m so glad i found this page.

  6. roy lyles says:

    yes god can do miracles he did far me by his holy spirit

  7. joyce herron says:

    Pray for my friend that was having chest pains this am, he has been taking care of his wife for many rears that has alzhimes, he prays 2 times a day , to get thru this struggle. He needs help for her, my son wants to fly him and mr to n lasvegas so he can get some rest, pray that we will be able to go, he nedds a much deserved rest.

  8. Evangelist Christian ugochukwu says:

    Miracles are God common Sence. Where the wisdom of man stops. That’s is where Gods wisdom begins, so God specialize in the impossible. Those things we call impossible. Are what God sees as little things. If u stick to the word, u must come back with a testimony