Provision in Puerto Rico

By Melissa Mott   •   October 8, 2009

Edwin Cardona was just one of many in Puerto Rico who fell victim to the economic recession. After working for 28 years as a technology manager at a pharmaceutical company on the island, he lost his job.

During this life-changing event, Edwin says he remembers thinking, God took me out of this environment, and I don’t know what he is going to do. He knows what I need. He knows my financial obligations. He knows my heart, and he hasn’t failed for a second.

Edwin didn’t know what was going to happen, but he knew God was in control and that He would provide for them. As he and his wife, Ingrid, leaned on Jesus Christ for their needs, they tried to remain strong.

Months went by. Interviews came and went as they were praying for God’s wisdom. They began to wonder if they would make it financially.

One day, the Cardonas received a phone call from their pastor, Mizraín Esquilín. He said that the My Hope project was beginning soon in Puerto Rico. He explained that it’s a partnership between the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Puerto Rican churches to put an evangelistic program on TV for three nights. Christians around the island would be trained to invite their friends, family members and neighbors into their homes to watch the broadcast, and have a chance to accept Christ as savior.

Then, Pastor told them that the project was looking for two administrative assistants.

After two interviews and much prayer, Edwin accepted a position with the My Hope office in San Juan as the assistant to the Mobilization Coordinator Gilberto Ramos. His current salary is not comparable to his salary in the pharmaceutical industry, but Edwin says that God has provided in more ways than one.

“Not only has God provided financial help for my family through this job, it’s a job that allows me to advance God’s kingdom.”

Since he began working with the My Hope team in Puerto Rico, Edwin has helped recruit and train 27 regional coordinators. He has passed the vision of My Hope to the coordinators, who are now contacting pastors to share about the project. Pastors throughout Puerto Rico will become active participants in the project, and prepare 35,000 Christians to take advantage of the TV broadcast by inviting their non-Christian friends, family members and neighbors into their homes to watch the broadcast.

“I’m so excited to see the project take off,” says Edwin.

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